Monday, November 17, 2008

Auckland, New Zealand Report

3 MORE BAPTISED IN JESUS NAME! A wonderful harvest continues...

Again, the POA Street ministry & Outreach team boldly preached the gospel on the streets.

That's when we met Subash (from Sri Lanka) and ministered to him at the mall. He was so intrigued by what he felt and came to visit us at our Celebration service.

Subash responded to the Word, came forward for prayer and God filled him with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. He was then baptized into the saving name after service.

Jonathan, another first time visitor, was invited by a POA member and the Lord touched him deeply. He gave his life to God and was baptized. The church rejoiced and there was singing as Subash and Jonathan went into the waters of baptism!

Philip who works with Brother Kash [our youth leader] at his work place, has had several Bible Studies with Kash. Philip desired to obey the scriptures very much. Later in the afternoon, Kash took him over to the Cornerstone Chapel, close to where he works and Philip repented and was baptized for the remission of all sins.

It has been a great joy to establish an apostolic church in West Auckland. As the founding pastors of POA, we have spent much time preparing the church to receive it's new leadership. There is excitement and anticipation...for us as we prepare to leave for the States to begin our new ministry and for the church as it moves to the next level of revival next month with Bro & Sis Russell and their family.

Jesus has so much for us all... Rev Lee Stoneking will be with in the next few days (19 - 23 Nov) and there is great expectation for all those we have spoken to these past weeks. We are all looking forward to an awesome move of the Holy Spirit. Saints from all over NZ and overseas will be present at the "Empowered" Conference and we are certainly looking forward to the fellowship with the family of God.

Once again, We thank you for your prayer support. You are very much a part of the work here and thank you for your emails of encouragement and support. Your email spurs us on to do greater things for the Lord.

To God be the glory,
Pastor Marshall

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