Monday, November 3, 2008

POA Report - Auckland, New Zealand

We will find them on the highways and the byways!

Priscilla was baptized into the saving name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins. Sandy Chaney, a member of the POA met Priscilla at a local supermarket and was compelled to share the goodness of Jesus. Sandy taught her a quick Bible study and on hearing the Gospel, Priscilla wanted to commit her life to God and be baptized. Our members at POA are taught and encouraged to boldly share the gospel wherever they go and as a result, the POA adult & youth are committed to reaching their communities, neighborhood and families for Christ. We are experiencing growth simply because the fires of revival have been fanned by new souls being added to the church on a regular basis. Praise God.

The excitement and the vital importance of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ must be taught and passed down in our churches today. Too often, we are tempted to plateau and 'take a break' from soul winning, fearing that we may not give enough time to discipleship with a new convert. This is contrary to what Jesus taught. If we seek His kingdom first, God will provide the way and the resources to disciple the new convert while at the same time, bring in the harvest. One of the primary functions of the Church is to spread the gospel and to focus on soul winning. This is the great commission found in Matt 28:19. We cannot make disciples UNLESS we first enable them to be born again into the Kingdom of God!

Your prayers for the work of God in Auckland, New Zealand is bearing fruit. Thank you.

Pastor Marshall

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