Friday, November 28, 2008

Report from The Pentecostals of Auckland, New Zealand

The DEAF HEAR AND THE LAME WALK and Jesus still heals ALL manner of diseases & sickness.

The Empowered '08 Conference witnessed a phenomenal outpouring of the Holy Ghost with signs and wonders confirming the Word!

We had over 300 people each service and also a record attendance at School of Scripture teaching sessions. The conference, with guest speaker - Rev. Lee Stoneking, was a tremendous success with many receiving the Holy Ghost, many notable physical healings, deliverance and 14 baptisms.

Dr. Lee Stoneking was mightily used of God as he ministered in the 5 sessions from the School of Scripture to Healing Services. Dr. Stoneking was also interviewed over a local radio station where he testified of his death of 45 minutes and then coming back to life again.

Some Reports of Healings:

1. Esther, 74 years old, who was deaf most of her adult life, was gloriously filled with the Holy Ghost and her deaf ears were opened miraculously. She can hear perfectly now. Esther was also healed of arthritis. She had severe problems with her tear ducts and that made her eyes very sore & puffy. The Lord healed her eyes completely and she is still rejoicing at her miracles!! Esther was baptised in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost.
2. Mehau was instantly healed of whiplash, & severe neck pain.

3. Another young woman was healed of deafness in one ear and was filled with the Holy Ghost and was baptised in Jesus name.

4. Kathy: Healed of physical imbalance.

5. Carol: Healed of sickness and addiction; Another visitor was healed of chest pains, depression,
irritable bowel syndrome.
6. Sis. Vani: Healed of a hip joint pain.

7. Mr. Verma - A south Asian man who was paralyzed and could not walk. God healed him of paralysis completely and he got out of his chair and walked around the altar area freely.

8. Sis. Ripeka (Bro Goodare's mum) was mightily refilled and ministered to in the Holy Ghost.
There are still more reports of healing coming to us... 14 adults were baptised in Jesus name and many received the Holy Ghost for the first time!

Children receive the Holy Ghost and are baptised in Jesus name!

Sis. Elaine assisted us in the Kids service during the Empowered Conference and she has reported that we had a total of of 24 children filled with the Holy Ghost (Sat & Sun night) at the conference and several baptised in Jesus name.

We cannot recall all the names but here are some of the children who received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost during the Conference: Conway, Amathyst, Barbara, Noah, Vin, Junior, Te Whaiora, Harmony, Malachi, Dean, Majestic, Evelyn, Ebony, Marbra, Jasmine, Destiny, Gideon and several more.

Praise be to Jesus!

Thank you Sis. Elaine for your hard work with our children! A special "thank you" to the following: To Rev. Lee Stoneking - Thank you, once again, for being a tremendous blessing to New Zealand. Your labor of love and sacrifice has brought a great change in the people and a renewed passion & vision for the harvest in this nation. The Word that you brought has strengthened our faith. It has restored our excitement for spreading this gospel in our communities. Praise Jesus!

We appreciate Bro. & Sis. Hei Hei and the Cornerstone Pentecostal Church for your support with the Sunday morning service in Otara; Pst Jess & Mae Taratu and the Harvestime Pentecostal Church from Otahuhu and Pst & Sis Simon Prince and the Westside Fellowship for your active involvement in the conference.

To our local church members at the POA, you precious folk are incredible.

To the organizing committee, thank you for your commitment to seeing this event through...the 10 weeks of planning meetings along with the prayer & fasting really helped in making the Empowered '08 Conference a success.

To our friends everywhere, thank you for your prayers & encouragement. Your prayer support for the work of God in New Zealand is bearing great fruit!

Pastor Marshall
visit us at: Pentecostals of Auckland

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