Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Republic of Georgia: DeTemple June Update


Gamarjoba! (Hello)

We just want to say Thank You! We are so appreciative of your prayers and support! 

Jan & Jenna Mason, thank you so much
for giving the money to Esther to
buy a bicycle! She loves it!! 
We are excited to report that we arrived back in the The Republic of Georgia on June 12th. We were blessed with an uneventful trip. We appreciate all the prayers for us as we traveled back home! Esther & Elijah made the trip well, in fact they were awake for most of it! (exhausted when we arrived in Tbilisi!)

It has been a whirlwind since our arrival. We were able to find and secure a small 2 bedroom home within a week of our arrival. It has a small yard where we can safely park our car and our children can play. This was such an answer to prayer.

Within the first week back, the contract on the building the church had been using was up and we were told that the rent would be increasing. With much prayer and searching, God opened a door in a much better, more central location! We have moved and are currently working on settling into the new facility! We only need to do a small amount of construction to make it fit our needs. This is a miracle, and we are so excited to see where God is taking the church in the Republic of Georgia.

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