Tuesday, July 17, 2018

France Newsletter

We bring you greetings from Terre Haute, Indiana! It has been a while since we have sent you an update and for this we apologize.

Our family arrived back to the United States from France this past May to attend School of Missions in Grafton, Illinois and to begin our deputation.

Upon our arrival to the States, we did not have a vehicle for our deputation and we needed a miracle. Pastor Trammell from Albion, Michigan helped us locate a vehicle. We were able to miraculously fly to Michigan from New York to purchase a Toyota Sienna van. The very next day, I attended the annual Michigan men’s conference where money was raised to cover the entire cost of the van! We thank the state of Michigan for allowing God to work through them to be a blessing to us.

Our first official deputation service was with our dear friends Pastor and Sis. Trimble at the Winds of Pentecost in St. Charles, Missouri. During that service two people were filled with the Holy Ghost, one being an uber driver Pastor Trimble had witnessed to a few weeks prior.

It has been wonderful to see what God is doing across the country from state to state. This past week, we were in service with Pastor and Sister Adam Vannoy in Grand Rapids, Michigan where 7 people received the Holy Ghost and 1 was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ! We are thankful for the truly divine connections and the wonderful new friendships we have made.

We ask that you pray for a speedy deputation so we may return to France.

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Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. We hope to see you in our travels!

God bless you,
Dean, Laureen & Caleb Byfield

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