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Join us in praying for the following world needs this week:

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Recently I attended a prayer conference. There was something taught that impacted me, so I wanted to share it.

We know we are not to be ignorant of Satan's devices and perhaps sometimes we wonder where the enemy may attack next. In Ephesians 6, the Lord gives us the Armor of God.  In doing so, He is showing us the areas He knows that needs protection. Recall the armor and think of this: (helmet of) salvation, (breastplate of) righteousness, (belt of) truth, (feet shod with the gospel of) peace, (shield of) faith and (sword of) spirit. Now I know where I might be attacked: salvation, righteousness, truth, peace, faith and spirit. Perhaps the Devil looks at which area we are weakest and that's where he tries to attack.

Thinking about that I realized I am probably often vulnerable in peace. In short, I worry too much. And the enemy of my soul steals my peace. Since I know the area he is going to attack, since I have weapons for that area, I purpose to make this area stronger by finding verses on peace, covering my mind with the blood of Jesus, and binding any spirits trying to steal my peace. Think of an area I mentioned and see if there is an area in which you're vulnerable. God will help you fortify that area. He already equipped you with the armor for it.

Have a blessed week.

Jill Fierge, Guest Writer
North American Missions
UPCI Headquarters


ECHOgram for July 3, 2018
The Word 

Of late, the Lord has heavily dealt with my heart on the importance of daily spending time in His Word. I'm not talking about the "grab the Bible and read a chapter" method, rather the digging in and spending extended time not only reading, but also studying and praying God's Word.

In the world we live in, we are constantly bombarded with so many ideas, theories and doctrines.  With the help of social media, everyone is giving their opinion about what is right and what is wrong. More than ever, it is vital to be grounded in God's Word, which is the measuring stick by which we can distinguish truth from error.  Studying the Word will help us to be strong in what we believe. Hiding the Word in our hearts will help keep us from sin. But more importantly, immersing ourselves in the Bible will help us know God and His will for our lives.

This week spend a little extra time in the Word.  Read it. Pray it. Study it.

Pray the following:

  • God, let Your Word come alive to me as I read, pray and study it.
  • Lord, help me hide Your Word deeply in my heart.
  • God, help me always look to Your  Word for the final say.  
  • Help me not be swayed by popular opinion, but let Your Word guide me in all things.
  • Help me love Your Word and devote time daily to its study. 
  • Help me make a habit of praying Your Word.

Lisa Marshall
Strategic Prayer Coordinator
World Network of Prayer



Global Missionaries

  • Kirby & Mary Parker (Malta/Morocco/Algeria/Tunisia/Libya) 
  • Daniel & Christine Patterson (Romania)
  • Mike & Jill Patterson (Romania/Bulgaria/Hungary)
  • Steve & Yvonne Phelps (Nigeria)
  • Chris & Paula Richardson (Madagascar)
  • Leonard and Ping-Lan Richardson (Taiwan)
  • Randall & Theresa Richardson (Mauritius/Reunion/Seychelles)

North American Missionaries

  • Juan Martinez-Saenz Family (Manteca)
  • David McGovern Family (Glendale)
  • Bryan Axtell Family (Victorville)
  • Jay Hurley Family (Sacramento)
  • Monte Albalos Family (Carmel)
  • Scott Shoemake Family (Ventura)
  • Gilbert Lozano Family (Arden Arcade)


22 Access Challenged Nations

Join the World Network of Prayer and Global Missions in praying for the 22 nations that are considered access challenged and difficult to get into.  We will focus on one nation each week.


World Needs:  

  • Please pray for the rescue efforts of 12 boys and their coach from a flooded cave in Thailand.
  • Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world, with some of the worst levels of water hygiene and sanitation. This makes communities vulnerable to the spread of disease. Pray for financial stability to come to this nation and for improvements in their water and hygiene systems.
  • Ongoing political and socio-economic developments have led to as many as 1.5 million Venezuelans fleeing the country in the past 18 months. This includes 35,000 people crossing the border into Colombia on a daily basis to stock up on food and other basics. Annual inflation could reach upwards of 300,000 per cent by the end of the year. The majority of the population does not have access to essential medicines and over eight million Venezuelans don't have enough food. Please pray for economic stability and an end to the food crisis.
  • Please pray for the appointment of a new United States Supreme Court Justice. 


Plowing Before the Planter:

Please pray for the upcoming Plowing Before the Planter event 
that will take place July 6-8, in West Valley City, Utah.


UPCI General Board


Josh Carson
Youth Ministries President

Executive Presbyters:

Jerry Holt, Northwest Region
Mark Johnson, North Central 
Randy Ensey, South Central
Art Hodges III, Western Zone
Rodney Pamer, Northeast
Williams Singleton, Southeast
Jonathan Mullings, Southwest
Brent Coltharp, Eastern Zone
Raymond Woodward, Canada


2018 WNOP Events:

2018 New England Territory Summons - Tiverton, Rhode Island

2018 Ministry and Prayer Seminar - Bridgeton, Missouri

2018 Prayer Changed My Life Seminar

Other WNOP Events:

  • Ontario Summons (November 1-3, 2018)
  • Detroit Summons (November 15-17, 2018)


WNOP Personal Prayer List

To join WNOP in praying for the personal needs submitted by email, phone and website,  please click here.

You may submit requests by email at

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