Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vietnam Update

Baptist Meeting - South Vietnam

Our recent trip into Vietnam with Ryan Franklin from Alexandria, Louisiana and Anthony Needham from Stephens, Arkansas was a huge success.

Part of the Baptist Group

We met with 75 Baptist home church leaders and their wives in South Vietnam for a one day seminar. After our teachings and Bro. Franklin’s anointed lesson on receiving the Holy Ghost, we led his entire group into the presence of the Lord. Several received the Holy Ghost and were baptized in Jesus’ name!


The past two years I have been trying to re-connect with former leaders I taught and baptized in the early 90s. Bro. Vo, a pastor and businessman I taught years ago, attended the Baptist seminar and was thrilled to have our Acts 2:38  message confirmed to his friends.

ACTS Bible College

We have 76 day students and 31 night school students enrolled this year at ACTS. Each year I try to find  English speaking young people to train for the future work in Vietnam.  Thanks to our friends and partners in the United States, the school is hosting five Vietnamese exchange students.

We also want to thank the POA of Alexandria, LA once again for providing 1/2 of each Bible school student’s tuition this year. We are also blessed to have Sis. Kendra  Shock working with us at ACTS as an AIMer. She is the daughter of Bro. Terry & Sis. Melani Shock of Alexandria, LA.

John Wolfram (right) and Bro. Vo. (Left) were reunited at the September seminar. Bro. Wolfram taught and baptized this man and his family in the early 90s. 
Ryan Franklin (center) and Anthony Needham (left) are a great blessing to our work in Vietnam. This is the third trip for Bro. Franklin  and second for Bro. Needham.
Pictured above are the five Vietnamese students we are training at our Manila Bible College this year.  They represent five different groups I am working with.

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