Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Georgia Update

This month:
This month we began our new daughter work in the city of Khutaisi. We are sending our AIMer Daniel Detemple on the three hour journey to meet with about ten members of our church here in Tbilisi that were transfered by their university to Khutaisi. We see that God is opening the door there in that city and are doing our best to respond to it. Already there have been about 50 people who have said they were interested in attending a house church there.

Please Keep This work in prayer as we endeavor to see the Kingdom of God increase.

• Strength as we finish the work on the upstairs of our Tbilisi Facility.
• Finances to start on the downstairs.
• The new Congregation being planted in Khutaisi.
• Continued favor with those we meet.

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