Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cooney Family Update

Remembering Momma Cooney
 Each time my family re-enters the U.S. we always hit the ground running. This time was different. As we landed in July, we knew we were facing serious challenges. My mother Cathy Cooney was very sick and weak from a degenerative lung disease she had been battling for years. We were able to see her for one day before she became unconscious and eventually passed away. We thank the Lord for saving us this opportunity! Momma Cooney was raised in Ireland, immigrated to the U.S. in 1963 and became a U.S. citizen. When I was on AIM, I was able to take her back to her home town (Charleville, S. Ireland) and also to see her family that now reside throughout N. England….it was a great spiritual journey. She was a devout catholic, avid tea drinker & walker. She came into this wonderful truth in 2000, was baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost “singing in tongues” on her initial infilling. If you had met her, you’d have thought she was Apostolic all her life, full of joy, loving life and this great Truth. Before her passing she was excited to know that our family was returning to Ireland to reach her people with this great Apostolic experience!  Her memory will continue to live on in our hearts forever.

Deputation Update 
We began our deputation (fund raising) travels at the beginning of August. We’ve already travelled through Ohio, Michigan, Ontario, Wisconsin, Virginia & N. Carolina. People  have been baptized, received the Holy Ghost & miracles in our  services! We give God glory for what He has already done, and thank those individuals & churches for taking us on with monthly support!

We had the privilege to attend School of Missions in St Louis at the end of August. It was a tremendous time of fellowship & ministry with 27 missionary families from all around the world. During a moving service, we were officially commissioned for ministry in Ireland. We thank the Global Missions staff for the planning of this event; it was a special time for us. 

BLAZE EUROPE is a short term missions opportunity for you as an individual (Europeans and Middle Easterners only) to travel abroad to another country in Europe, be able to work with nationals in various forms of ministry, and participate in evangelism & reaching the lost for Christ! It gives you a chance to rub  shoulders with & glean from pastors, revival ministries and others like you that are searching for the Will of God for their lives. You would get to experience different people, cultures and ways of life that you may by no other means be exposed to. You'll meet new friends, deepen your walk with God and be transformed forever. Sound interesting? Log onto www.eurosoulwinners.com and click on the BLAZE logo and then on "about BLAZE" to find out more. Go on "application" download, fill out and submit. You'll be contacted afterward by a BLAZE representative. There are also some great fund raising ideas available to help you get started in preparing for your trip.

Youth Congress “UPROAR” – Holland
A fantastic opportunity & event for youth all over Europe is taking place at the end of December 26-29.  Be equipped for ministry during the Workshops Dec 26-27 & be inspired by great Apostolic preaching at Youth Congress, Dec 28-29. It’s highly recommended you attend both the Work Shops & Conference, but you have the choice to attend one or the other.  Log onto www.eurosoulwinners.com and click on UPROAR link for work shops, speakers & conference schedule information. Preregister online for this life changing event that will catapult you into 2013 with fresh vision & purpose for your life! Also look for the UPROAR events Facebook page!
Hosts: Rev Matthew Tuttle and Rev Mark Shutes.   

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