Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Newsletter from Geneva, Switzerland

It has been a very busy month for us in Geneva!  Our last newsletter was around the time of the AMTC, Apostolic Ministry Training Center session for 2012. We had an amazing time with 12 students and 8 teachers as we took our Bible school to the next level!! With 9.5 hours a day, along with local evangelism and outreach, fellowship and other activities, it was exhausting, but life-changing—for the students, the teachers and also for us! During this time, we send the teachers to the local assemblies and even to other contacts that arose from the local assemblies, and around 20 received the Holy Ghost during the 10 days throughout the region!! Also a special thanks goes to Bro and Sis Negron and the Landstuhl church for hosting!!!

During July, August and September, we had Sister Amber Hackenbruch with us in Geneva, and she did a fine job in teaching Bible Studies, helping with the AYC, leading services, helping with worship and many other aspects. She has been a gem to us here, and we will miss her while she is fundraising in Alaska before trying to come back to Europe! With her assistance we could reach more saints and visitors personally.

As part of the AYC in July, we began holding Spanish services in Lausanne, Switzerland, where Brother Vicente Mestre and his family are ministering as a daughter work of the church in Geneva. They are doing a fine job, making many contacts with their very heartfelt and convincing ministry in that city. As a result they have been running between 10 and 20 and have had already one person receive the Holy Ghost and one person was baptized this last Sunday! We are very excited to see this work flourish in Lausanne, which is a target missions city for the German Speaking Nations region in 2012.

Prayer Requests and Financial Needs
  • Development and implementation of discipleship program
  • Music and ushering/greeting ministries to be strengthened
  • Incoming AIM workers supporting Geneva
  • A breakthrough in Lausanne in the church where they are meeting!
  • Renewed initiative looking for a long-term meeting location in Geneva

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