Friday, August 24, 2012

News from Bolivia

Greetings in Jesus’ name from the James Marse family. Things are still going well on the deputation trail for our family. We are at the half-way point on this leg of our schedule. Just to fill everyone in on our schedule, we deputize from April to October of 2012. Then we will return to Bolivia for a year and then return to the States and resume deputation in January, 2014. We do have some highlights that we would like to share with you. Thanks for your prayers and support for Bolivia.

A wonderful move of the Holy Ghost in S. Carolina
Sis. Margaret Banks
 Though not in Bolivia now, we do have good news to report. Bro. and Sis. Dame invited Sis. Margaret Banks, the prayer coordinator for the NY Metro district to travel to Bolivia in July with a handful of other ladies from her church. The intent was to pray over the city of Cochabamba and to teach on prayer. Revival broke out and over 40 people received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Not only that, but while they were in Bolivia praying for revival, God filled 68 people with the Holy Ghost during that same time in her home church in Mount Vernon, NY. To God be the glory!

In Auburn Hills, Michigan, we experienced a great touch of God. After the service, Pastor Danny Johnston invited my wife, Stacy, to come back the next night and speak at the ladies meeting. Again, God blessed the service with His presence and each one that was in attendance.

At a Spanish service in North Carolina, we had the opportunity to see five new souls baptized in Jesus’ name. Originally only one was scheduled for that afternoon.

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