Monday, August 20, 2012

July News from Kim Hatch

Adding To The Kingdom! 

At the beginning of the month of July, we had an awesome week with the Lord filling people with the Holy Ghost and being baptized in Jesus' name.

For months, we have been driving 2 hours one way to U.S. Fleet Activities Yokosuka (naval base) for a weekly home bible study. At the end of June, one of the men (Darren) said about baptism in Jesus' name, "Let's do it right now! I'll fill up the pool!" Before the night was over, we had 3 baptized in the name of Jesus.

With much excitement, Darren and Lauren were both baptized in the lovely name of Jesus. She already  has the Holy Ghost, and when she came out of the water, she was just weeping. Please pray for Darren to complete the new birth by receiving the Holy Ghost.

Don came out of the water and began speaking in a language he did not know. We all heard him and knew... God had gloriously filled him with the Holy Ghost. "I knew from the first day that I needed to do this!" :) May God continue to bless Bro Lucas with wisdom and anointing as he teaches this hungry group of military.

Ooki-san received the Holy Ghost evidenced by speaking in tongues back in April after our revival with Bro Bourne. Now she has been baptized in the only name given among men whereby we must be saved. The Lord recently healed her of lung cancer. She only has some breast cancer left when months before the doctors gave her no hope. Jesus can do ANYTHING!

Then on the 4th of July, a Japanese lady received her ultimate freedom: from sin. Sis Ishibashi has been teaching her a bible study and after being baptized in Jesus' name, she was filled with the Holy Ghost in the water. Praise the Lord!

Today the Ishibashi family is moving to the tsunami-devastated area of Ishinomaki to begin a work as well as help Pastor and Sis Kon in Sendai. Ishinomaki was one of the hardest hit cities from the 2011 tsunami. Back in January, Bro & Sis Ishibashi felt the Lord tell them they needed to move to the Sendai area to work in His Kingdom. Bro Ishibashi followed the leading of the Lord and was licensed at the Japan UPC General Conference back in May.

It was a very emotional day this past Sunday as we prayed for the Ishibashis and had a going away fellowship party. We love the Ishibashis from the bottom of our hearts and know that the Lord has already opened doors for them. :) If you are friends with me on facebook, check out the videos I am going to post of us singing "Blessed Be Your Name (you give and take away)" and the leadership praying for the Ishibashis.

Prayer Focus
Bro and Sis Ishibashi are thankful to share with you the following points for the 3 areas they will be ministering to:
  • Oohashi area in Ishinomaki - For the Koide family, that the battle to try and meet with the Koide family would be broken, and for the hungry to be filled & to know Jesus.
  • Mangokuura area in Ishinomaki - For souls who are hungry, to reach out & let them know Jesus loves them, and that people would be open & be baptized.
  • Sendai City - For the saints to grow in the Lord, for more to be in the ministry, and that the church will grow more.

God bless,
Kim Hatch

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