Thursday, September 8, 2011

Georgia August Newsletter

Down by the Sea

This month we took a trip over to Kobuleti. Kobuleti is a small city near the Black Sea with a population of about 88,000 people. Kobuleti is a beautiful little town with a fantastic view of the Black Sea. While there we met several people that we hope to have further contact with. One person we met was a young man named David. David is a computer programer who lives in Tbilisi and was visiting family in Kobuleti. After talking with David for a few hours, I could see God opening the doors to reach David. It is so awesome that God sent us on a five hour car ride to meet a man who lives in a part of the city not so far far from me but whose path I would have never otherwise crossed.

The morning I met David, I set in the veranda of the hotel praying and thinking. I said, "Ok, God, you sent us here for more than beautiful sunsets, so who is it that we are here for?" Not more than two hours later, I sat on the rocky shores of the Black Sea talking with David and three of his friends. If we take the time to find what God is doing, then we will see his kingdom being established. Winning others flows naturally in this situation. That is my goal. Now if I could just do that every day, then I would be more like Jesus and less like me.

Revving Up for Revival

This September we will be launching Tbilisi Training Center (our Bible School). We are looking forward to having a few new students this year as well as a new program to follow. We are expecting 10 people this year. It is so exciting to see God giving the increase.

The curriculum we have been so fortunate to be apart of is provided by GATS. The courses we will be using are called Revival by Design. We are so excited to see what God will do in our local church here this year.

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In July, a brother in our church approached me about giving us some property. The land is in a good part of town not to far form the metro. He has been trying to sell it for three years to no avail, so he felt that maybe God was trying to tell him that the church needed it. With this, we will be able to build a Bible School and our headquarters in Tbilisi. The catch is that in order to build we will need building funds. The one thing I was unable to raise on deputation was building funds. I have a total of $500 dollars. If anyone feels the tug of God to help us build our Bible school, we are looking for 250 people to help us with a one time gift of $100. In return, we would like to put your name on a plaque that will be on the wall in the main lobby of the new facility. If you wish to give, please make sure that you name and contact info are included with the donation sent to UPCI headquarters for the Staten Building Fund Republic of Georgia.

Our Prayer Needs

1.  Vision for our leaders
2. Continued direction
3.  Facilities
4. A spirit of worship
5. Excitement in the church
6. Freedom of the HolyGhost
7. Building funds
8. Binding of false doctrine
9. Continued safety

Jared R. Staten

Thank you all for your great support. We can feel your prayers aiding us at every turn. Without you it is impossible to do what we are doing here in Georgia

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