Thursday, September 8, 2011

Buckland 3rd Quarter Newsletter (Eastern Europe)

Region Wide Europe/Middle East Leadership Conference

Occurring once every 5 years, nearly 200 leaders of nations from across the Europe/Middle East Region gathered together in Vienna, Austria on August 17-19.  The Word of God was profoundly imparted by Rev. David K. Bernard (UPCI General Superintendent), Rev. Raymond Woodward (Canada), Rev. Bruce Howell  (Foreign Missions Director),  and Rev. Michael Tuttle (EME Regional Director)--under the unction of the Holy Ghost.

With “Capturing Cities For Christ” as the Conference theme and day sessions on "The Apostolic Process," everyone departed with a renewed vision and equipped for Apostolic ministry.

Join us in prayer for open doors across our region!

Very First E/ME Region Wide GATS Faculty Education Seminar

51 Delegates from across the Europe/Middle East Region took advantage of the GATS sponsored Advance Educators Seminar for Bible School Instructors and Administrators on Saturday, August 20, 2011. 

Having a beautiful campus, excellent curriculum or many students does NOT make a great Bible School!  The INSTRUCTORS are the KEY to a successful Training Program!

Thank you, Brother Jim Poitras (GATS Coordinator) and Brother Raymond Woodward (Canada) for your outstanding teaching! 

As a result,additional nations across Europe have made plans to join GATS!

Prague Furlough Replacements

The Prague Church has indeed been blessed with various seasoned ministries during our absence due to furlough.

Special thanks to Brother and Sister Galen Thompson (of MN) for serving as our Furlough Replacements in Prague for the months of June, July and August. What a tremendous blessing they were in building up and edifying the body of Czech believers.

 THANK YOU for your faithful support and your prayers for us personally, as well as for our ministry.

We sincerely APPRECIATE each one of you! GREAT things are taking place!

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