Thursday, September 1, 2011

Africa Network of Prayer - September 2011

What are YOU - what is YOUR CHURCH - doing to train this generation to pray?

"Jesus told us that children are of the essence of the kingdom of heaven. Children can exercise great faith, and children can become effective intercessors. Let's introduce our children to Apostolic prayer while they are young, so that when they reach the teenage years and adulthood they will be established in faith and equipped for victory in spiritual warfare."
- David K. Bernard - General Superintendent, UPCI

The generation that is following in our footsteps has more potential than any generation to date. But to meet their full potential, they need more than a routine prayer before bed or an occasional time in the altar service at church or during a Sunday school crusade. This generation needs an influx of people leading and training them on a daily basis how to travail, intercede and find their own relationship with God. It is time you and I stand up and go the extra mile to train, mentor and truly LEAD our children in prayer. By doing so, we will change the world!

For information and resources on Kid's Prayer
Kid's Prayer, view website:


01-04 Sept TANZANIA Iringa Regional Conference
01-08 Sept NIGERI National Superintendent's visit to Lagos-area churches
02 Sept IVORY COAST National Day of Prayer/Fasting for Revival
02-04 Sept ZIMBABWE Midlands Regional Crusade- Gokwe
05-07 Sept TANZANIA Dodoma Reg Conference
05-07 Sept MADAGASCAR Ministers and Wives' Seminar
07-11 Sept MADAGASCAR National Conference at Campground in Ambohidratrimo
09-10 Sept ZAMBIA W.I.S.H Leadership Meeting for Lusaka Region
10 Sept IVORY COAST Day of Prayer for the families
12-18 Sept GHANA Men's week
13 Sept LIBERIA Maranatha Bible Institute opening
14th of each month GLOBAL Special Focused Prayer for the French-speaking countries in Africa and around the world
14 Sept KENYA National Ladies' Fasting Day
14-18 Sept ZAMBIA W.I.S.H. and Regional Conference for Western Region
15 Sept IVORY COAST National Board Election
15-17 Sept ZIMBABWE Midlands Regional Crusade - Mbizo
15-18 Sept KENYA Nairobi Convention/Sacrifice at Headquarters
15-18 Sept KENYA Lake Convention/Sacrifice in Kisumu
16 Sept BURKINA FASO National Board Election
16 Sept LIBERIA Section III, Sectional Leaders meeting
16 Sept LIBERIA National Leadership meeting
17 Sept BURKINA FASO Bible School Graduation
17-18 Sept NIGERIA Oneness Seminar in Anambra, State
18 Sept ZIMBABW Midlands Regional Big Sunday - Mbizo
18 Sept BURKINA FASO Revival service with all Ouagadougou-area churches Regional Director Jerry Richardson will be speaking
18-25 Sept NIGERIA Lagos State Crusade
20 Sept ZAMBIA Zambia Presidential Elections-Pray for peaceful elections
21 Sept TANZANIA Mwanza Bible school begins classes
22-24 Sept KENYA River Yala Leadership Seminar in Ibokolo
23-25 Sept ZIMBABWE Matebeleland Regional Conf. - Gwanda
25 Sept CAMEROON Special Fund Raising in Banga Church to cement their floor
28-30 Sept NIGERIA Edo State Convention
29 Sept-01 Oct ZAMBIA Regional Conference for Copperbelt Region


AFRICA'S CHILDREN - Focus prayer on a more regular basis on the fourth day of every month at 1400 hours (2 p.m.) on the 1.2 billion children around the world the world between the ages of 4 and 14. Seventy percent of these children are in the most unreached areas or the World in the 10/40 Window!

CAMEROON - During the first three weeks of September, there will be a special Daniel fast for the Banga-Kumba Region.

BURKINA FASO - * National Board Election * Bible School property paper work needs to be completed. The Government has suspended all property transactions and will not give any indication how long it will be before things will start back up again. We need a miracle!

LIBERIA - Please pray for Bro Edwin Konah. He has hepatitis C. He really need a miracle.

NAMIBIA - Pray for the executive board meeting that will be taking place the end of the month. Also pray for new door that is opening in Otjwarongo, one of our larger cities.

SOUTH AFRICA - Pray for the youth of South Africa. There are so many who are enslaved by drugs and alcohol which creates so much crime.


BURKINA FASO - The General Secretary of our church in Burkina Faso just announced that he has baptized over 90 souls thus far for 2011. Which is more than doubled of how many were baptized the entire year of 2010 with all 6 of our churches combined. To God be the Glory!

CAMEROON - * Twelve received the Holy Ghost in Fako Sectional Youth Convention * At month-end prayer night in a local church, 3 received the Holy Ghost and 9 were baptized *A teen was healed after 11 years of living with chronic pain *Twelve received the Holy Ghost in Operation Total Impact Revival

IVORY COAST - We praise the Lord for his protection and thank you for your prayers on our behalf during our recent political and military crisis. The churches in Abidjan are gaining strength and we are seeing new converts as revival is taking place.

MAURITIUS - We praise the Lord for a great national conference which took place last month. There were ten who received the Holy Ghost and two were baptized.

ZAMBIA - We praise the Lord for a great National Conference. With peak crowds numbering 3,740, there were 81 filled with the Holy Ghost and 35 were baptized in Jesus Name. Thank you Bro. Bruce Howell for your ministry.

Thank you so much for your continued prayer support for the Africa Region,
Vickie Richardson
Africa Region Prayer Coordinator

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