Thursday, September 11, 2008

Timo's Report


Tremayne and I, along with Timothy, would like to say thank you for the prayers, care, and concern shown by the family of God around the world.

We have walked through one of most terrifying valleys of our lives but because you all were holding us up in prayers we are happy to say that we are now walking out of that valley!

Since arriving in Houston, Texas we have been very busy with medical appointments and spending time with family.

The neurologist has given Timothy a clean bill of health from a neurological stand point. We are working with several specialist on helping Timo regain his balance, that is what is bothering him the most is his unsteady walk. He will begin therapy this week for that.

It appears that he has a partial paralysis of the vocal chords, another remnant of the meningitis.

With time that may or may not improve, it is just too bad that it prohibits him from talking loud.

Our biggest frustration has been finding out that nothing can be done concerning the hearing loss in the left ear. We were hoping that there would be enough hearing or nerve ability to stimulate, to increase the hearing by implant. That is not to be the case. There is just nothing there to work with - too much damage has been done. The hearing loss in the right ear is more substantial than first thought so he will be getting a hearing aid in the right ear.

He will learn to live with single sided deafness and no directional hearing. It has been amazing that every doctor we have seen since returning to Houston has emphasized how blessed Timothy is. One doctor told him that the Lord was with him for sure.

We know the Lord can heal him completely, however, if He chooses to leave him with a hearing impairment we still know that Timo received a miracle.

We can not say thank you enough for praying. You prayed and He answered!

For His Glory,
Tremayne, Vicki, and Timothy Simoneaux

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