Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Prayer Requests from Singapore

Prayer Requests
From Steve Willoughby (Singapore):

Please continue praying for Barb.

Barb just had her blood tested again. Her CEA Tumor Marker went up 14 points rising from 90 to 104. We were stunned a bit as it was not the results we expected. Barb asked the doctor, “Are you concerned about this?” He said, “I am always concerned when the counts go up. Still, we will not get too alarmed. If however the counts go up again next month we will do a PET scan to see what is going on.”

We had been warned by the people who make the Poly MVA (the non-chemo medicine we got in USA) to expect the tumor marker to go up the first couple of months as dead cancer cells would be dumped into the blood. Well it did not happen last month, but Barb said she chooses to believe that that is what is happening this month.

It is still a roller-coaster ride and the only thing that keeps you sane is His promises and
stubborn faith.

She has now started another two week cycle of oral chemo. It really does a number on her feet and is now affecting her hands. Before her counts started rising the doctor was planning on giving her a two month no chemo rest.

Prayer Pointers
1. Pray that the chemo/poly mva combination will totally eradicate every cancer cell.
2. Pray that the tumor marker will immediately fall below Barb’s ten year base line of 65.
3. Pray that once in the 40 range (that’s where I saw it by faith) that the Poly MVA will be
able to help her body's natural defense keep the cancer at bay without chemo.

We are forever indebted to you for your love and prayers.

From T.W.Drost (Mexico):
Please pray for the upcoming Conference in Mexico City.

Next week, October 7th to 9th we have an important Ministers' Conference in Mexico City called, "Conferencia MAS".

MAS in Spanish stands for: Ministers Advancing in Service.

We have a large number of our Ministers come from all over the country and preachers that come from out of the country.

Our prayer is that it will be a boost and inspiration to all that come and, a catalyst for even greater growth. The UPC of Mexico is experiencing great growth, having doubled in everything in the last five years - Pastors, baptized believers and amount of churches. To God be the glory!

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