Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Prayer Requests From Stanley Scism (South Asia/United Kingdom):

URGENT: Please pray for Christians in Orissa state, India to have:
a. protection, so they won't be killed and can keep witnessing
b. courage, so they will keep witnessing
c. miracles, so people will believe they can witness the Creator who came to earth as Jesus Christ to save them.

From Stephen and Lloy Bennett (Middle East):
Please pray for our churches and pastors in the Middle East to find HUNGRY souls ready for harvest during RAMADAN!

The Islamic tradition of Ramadan started worldwide yesterday and for the next 30 days of prayer and fasting, we face here in the Middle East some amazing opportunities to share the gospel with our friends and neighbors!

For it is during this time that there are some truly open minded locals with hungry hearts that are searching deep within for truth and for answers.

Pray with us that the Lord lead all of us working the vineyard of the Middle East to FIND the HUNGRY ONES searching for more than tradition, more than just religion, but for AN EXPERIENCE WITH THE ALMIGHTY through the power of the Holy Ghost!

We don't have to fear the darkness, for HIS LIGHT is guiding our path! We rejoice in HIS divine protection during this time as we covet your prayers for THE HARVEST during RAMADAN!

From Ed Simmons (Thailand):
Please pray for the nation of Thailand.

A state of emergency has been declared in Bangkok, Thailand. Anti-government protests have begun to turn violent. More protests and strikes are planned. Now there have been injuries and deaths. Please pray for the protection of God's people and peace to prevail.

From Robert Frizzell (Asia):
Please pray for the family of a pastor in the Golden Triangle that was killed in a motorcycle accident. Today I received an email from Bro Buai, the general superintendent of Myanmar and a phone call from the GT superintendent. His passenger is in a local hospital. Please pray for the family of this Pastor and for the man who was the passenger for a miracle of healing.

From Terry Riddick (Cameroon):
We request prayer for our family in Louisiana.

My sister's daughter Debbie (37 years old) was killed last night during the passing of the hurricane when a tree fell on her house.

She and her brother Ricky were at Bentley UPC during the worst of the storm and they thought it had passed. They went to the house about a quarter of a mile from the church and about 30 minutes later Ricky ran back to the church and told them a tree had fallen on the house and he was sure his sister was dead. This will really be hard for Ricky because he found his mother dead in the same house in 2006 and now has lost his sister who lived with him. We appreciate your prayers at this time.

From Darrell and Donna Geissler (Uruguay):
Please have prayer for Federico Gongalez, a young man in the Montevideo central church.

Federico 18 and had a cerebral hemorrhage yesterday. He's in ICU. They've done an arteriogram and he may go into surgery tomorrow morning, but doctors are giving very low chances of a good outcome.

Praise Report From David and Donna Flowers (South Africa):
We greet you in Jesus' Name from Malawi.. As you know the Simoneauxes were flown to America for therapy regarding Timo. We came to help with the Malawian A-Team for a crusade.

Over the weekend, there were 336 filled with the Holy Ghost and 44 were baptized. Of the 336 that received the Holy Ghost, 80 were children.

Special services were held for the children down the road from the crusade at the Bongwe UPC.

The church was literally packed with children from all denominations. Ministers from the A-Team conducted services for the children and they responded!!

The Holy Ghost "fell" on Sunday......... Everywhere people were receiving the Holy Ghost. It was great and so powerful. Thanks to the A Team for coming and blessing the Malawian church.

They were anointed of God and used by the Holy Ghost.

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