Thursday, September 11, 2008

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Prayer Requests

We have two more provincial conferences coming up.

The first of these will be in Lubumbashi the first weekend in September.

Please pray for the following needs:
1. Please pray against the ritualistic killings and armed robbery in Liberia.
2. Pray for the growth and well being of Fassama Mission.
3. We have an organization with 32 established churches looking to become a part of the UPC Liberia.

Please pray for the will of God to be done.

Mauritius is presently in a wonderful revival move, please pray that it will continue. A Trinitarian preacher was recently baptized in Jesus Name and received the Holy Spirit. Pray that he will remain faithful to the truth.

We really need a permanent place of worship. Pray that the Lord will open this door.

Please pray for Missionary Philip Tolstad who has Pulmonary Tuberculosis. He is soon to be in the USA for medical leave and treatment. He needs complete healing.

Praise Reports

Thank God for the success of the Section III Conference which was held 13-16 August. Eleven persons were baptized in Jesus Name, two received the Holy Ghost and many claimed their healing and being revived.

We thank you for praying for our recent conference. We were thrilled with the attendance and the Spirit of the Lord moved in our midst. There were four who were baptized in water in Jesus name and four received the Holy Ghost. Also, many were revived and strengthened.

Seven hundred were in attendance in Provincial Conference in Luiza with 63 receiving the Holy Ghost. There were 200 in attendance in Mubji Mayi and 19 received the Holy Ghost.

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