Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

From Antonio and Jessica Marquez (Mexico):
Please continue praying for Pastor Enrique Rodriguez. When Bro. Enrique was taken to the hospital, after the first initial explosions of the bombs, the doctors decided to send him home. As he was walking out of the hospital, he began to choke on his own blood.

The shrapnel that had entered his body had not been seen by the doctors, and had penetrated into his lungs and intestines. The doctors took him immediately into surgery, a surgery that lasted 5 hours. After coming out of the surgery he did not respond until 6 hours later. It was a very delicate situation.

During the surgery the doctors extracted 3 liters of blood from his lungs and from the rest of his body. Bro. Enrique is now in stable condition, and still ALIVE!

We KNOW the Lord performed a MIRACLE because of your prayers. There are still some blood clots in his intestines, but the doctors say that surgery is risky. They are giving him medicine to try to dissolve these clots.

He is still in the hospital, but this morning we were told that he has been moved out of ICU into a regular room. We ask that you continue to pray for him, his wife Ireri, and his daughter Karen.

From Stanley Scism (South Asia/United Kingdom):
Please pray for the Christians in Karnataka State, India. Some of our own churches have been attacked, as well as other organizations.

Please pray:
a. They will be protected from attacks.
b. They will be a bold to witness to further the Gospel despite persecutions.
c. They will be followed by miracles so people will know their testimony is true.

From Dan Davis (South Africa): P
Please pray for political stability in South Africa.

South Africa is in amazing political turmoil.

The ruling party (ANC) has effectively forced President Mbeki to resign as president, paving the way for a man named Jacob Zuma who has been in and out of court for the last several years for taking bribes, corruption, rape and more.

This could really turn ugly as the country is deeply divided and so is the ANC. The youth league of the ANC is calling for violent elimination to anyone who opposes Zuma and last week started riots in the streets of Durban having several people injured.

We ask you to join us in prayer for the stability of our country as we face this tenuous time.

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