Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Dewey Update

December 7, 2018

November News

We saw many first time guests in our Sunday services, and House Groups in the month of November.  Revolving homes for the Wednesday and Saturday Bible Studies has aided this.  We are excited about what God is doing in these new Christians lives. 

Maricel had a miraculous reconciliation with her daughter after being estranged from her for 4 years.  One week later Maricel was filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  God is showing her His great love and power.

The Discipleship Class singing “No Longer Slaves”, and testifying of the many changes God has made in their lives with this cardboard presentation.  

Representatives from countries in the Middle East met in Crete, Greece for meetings and fellowship.  Many of these countries have only 1 rep and some have no reps.  It can be very lonely working in this part of the world; good fellowship is so vital and invigorating.  We were honoured to be a part of these meetings with EME Director, Bishop Tuttle and Area Coordinator, Rev. Parker.  

Matthew and Shaylyn were happy to hang out with young people closer to their age in Crete (Rachel, AIMer to Greece & Lauren, MK to Cyprus.) These 4 wonderful young people babysat the 5 younger ones while their parents were in meetings.  They worked very hard, but after turning the children back to their parents had fun exploring coffee and ice cream shops.  

Praise God for 3 new guests at the Tripoli Bible Study.  

Prayer Requests

~ Pray for Pastor Mark and Mariann Starin as they finish their deputational travels and prepare to return to Lebanon at the beginning of January.  Pray for their health and strength, and fresh anointing.

~ Pray for the safety of some of our church family who are travelling for Christmas.  Some are travelling as far away as Congo, Canada, and Romania. 

~ Seven months after the election, another roadblock has stalled the government formation.  Just when things were beginning to look promising, the political party of Hezbollah threw a wrench into the plan.  As we mentioned in last months newsletter; the country will soon be bankrupt if it does not establish a parliament that can receive funding from western nations.  Pray that this parliament will formed according to God's timing and plan.

God bless you!
The Deweys
Jonathon, Sherry, Matthew, Shaylyn 

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