Friday, November 30, 2018

News from Switzerland

Every Tribe and Tongue

In January, it will have been 10 years since I first came to the German Speaking Nations as an AIMer for Bro. and Sis. Robinette. Had you told me then where I would be today I never could have imagined it. It sounds like a cliché to be sure, but its true.I don’t know what I pictured, really, but I know I didn’t have a mind big enough for what I see now.

Day by day, year by year, the Lord has broadened my vision to see beyond a church’s wall, past city limits and truly, beyond borders. I’ve seen God light fires in in the hearts of immigrant cultures and bring to life the dry bones of native peoples. I’ve seen God give revelation of His Word and power in English, German, French, Spanish, Farsi, Russian, Portuguese and so many more. Regardless of the barriers or opposition, Jesus is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh. I am so thankful the Lord has brought me to be a messenger to the German Speaking Nations, and by extension, the World. And none of it is possible, except that you gave.
Thank you partners for having a global heartbeat. 

Your servant in Christ,
Amber Hackenbruch


Holy Ghost,
Jesus Name Baptism & Miracle

Sis Rose and her husband are unaffiliated ministers living in Switzerland.
Bro and Sis Robinette came into contact with them and invited them to come to the annual Elisha Conference in Munich, Germany.
God had revealed to them water baptism in Jesus name and the need for the Holy Ghost. Her husband had received the Holy Ghost, but she had not. 

On the first night of the conference, at the alter,
God filled Sis Rose with the Holy Ghost in such a powerful way! 

Account by Sarah Draper (AIMer to Switzerland)

Seven year old Sandro came forward with simple child-like faith and received the Holy Ghost at the Bible study held in Basel, Switzerland. Right after he received it, his grandmother, Doris, said she wanted it too, and God filled her with the Holy Ghost. What a good God we serve! 

Account and Photos by Megan Hanson (AIMer to Switzerland)

Hillary has been serving God faithfully for three years while waiting for permission to be baptized in Jesus name. Even as a teenager, she has been firm in her faith while facing strong pressure from those around her. It was such a beautiful day when she was finally allowed to be buried in the Name of Jesus! (Vienna, Austria)

Sis Amelie had a tumor on the right side of her brain. During the morning service, she testified that when the word of faith went forth, she felt a strong tingle where the tumor was and said she felt it fall out of her brain!
Account and Photo by Nathan Hulsman (Missionary to Switzerland)



AMTC, Purpose Institute, Bible Quizzing


This year the GSN hosted our annual Apostolic Ministry Training Center.
We hosted 17 campuses and had 73 teachers. 
In 2015, we had 39 students attend AMTC.
This year, we had 305 students! Most of which were from churches that had never before heard this Apostolic teaching.
We are praising God for the continued growth of our AMTC program!  

AMTC, Bern Campus

Farsi speaking students studying in Vienna at AMTC. The highlighted text is Acts 2:38.
Account and Photos (2) by Whitney Bateman (AIMer to Austria)


Purpose Institute and Bible Quizzing

The goals of Purpose Institute and Bible Quizzing are to train students for the ministry of the Gospel and the Word of God. We have seen a lot of growth in the participation of these programs including a new Bible Quizzing team out of Switzerland. 


Youth Camp, General Conference, Elisha Conference

Youth Camp

What an incredible time we had in Bad Lausick, Germany for this year's camp!
We had 115 total campers with at least 20 campers coming for the very first time.
Bro Victor Jackson preached the word of God with great authority and many strongholds were broken. God filled at least 10 young people and children with the Holy Ghost for the very first time! 

Account by Samual Ackah (GSN Youth President ) / Photos by Whitney Bateman

General Conference

During this year's General Conference -- 
4 visitors received the Holy Ghost!
75 notable miracles occured! 
Record Global Missions offering was received! 
Powerful moves of God!

God is doing great things in the German Speaking Nations!

Elisha Conference

This conference was designed to empower active ministers and inspire the future leaders; and each year, the Lord amazes us with how He does that by unifying us all into one vision. The Lord has cast such a vision that others are able to see it. In this conference alone, not only were we joined by many unaffiliated ministers from our region who are receiving a revelation of Apostolic doctrine, but also by the head of a 400 church organization from Angola who has asked our team to bring Apostolic training to their ministers!


We are so thankful for our missionary team members here in Switzerland and the GSN. One of our newest team members is Sis. Sarah Draper (AIMer) who has been doing a fantastic job supporting the churches throughout Switzerland. Welcome to the team Sarah!


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