Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Namibia News

New Church building!

This is our new church building in the village of Oshikweyu!
We are in need of a roof and a concrete floor to be complete.
If you feel led to bless this church.
The project number is 18166 "church building fund"


10 Baptisms in desert town.

The town of Aranos is hot and dry, but God is filling people with his Spirit, and people are being baptized. Water is scarce and difficult to get. We are thankful for the horse and cart that brought water for the baptism!


Thank you Sheaves for Christ!

Pastor Simeon receiving his new Honda motorcycle purchased by SFC funds! He will now be able to visit their daughter work in Aranos. (pictured above)


We give God praise for 19 baptized, and 8 filled with the Holy Ghost!

THANK YOU for your prayers, and faithful support.



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