Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Berlin/Northern Germany

With joy we share the wonderful gift of Jesus' love, which has been given lavishly to us. With all we give, we never run short of His supply!

Visiting with our neighbor in English and Swahili, we are comparing Bible verses in both languages. Here we display a parallel Bible in those languages, which makes the interaction much easier.

We were delighted this month to go back to Leipzig for service. Sis. Viktoria spent most of October with her family in Estonia but welcomed us to her home when she returned. What a precious time of worship and the Word of God we have there!

One of the babies in Potsdam was diagnosed with a serious, incurable disease. All the church took this need to the Lord in prayer, and we are believing for a miracle. (Further tests will not be done until mid-January.) Thank you for adding your faith to ours for little Emily. Nothing is impossible with God!

And to the one or the many of you who prayed especially for Sis. Sledge November 24, thank you. I had been sick all week and worried about my part in the Sunday services. With no human explanation, I felt better abruptly and knew it was the hand of Jesus. I tole Bro. Sledge, "Someone just touched God on my behalf." Your prayers make a difference!

We never know who will visit the church in Berlin, and we are excited to have an uplifting, edifying spiritual "meal" for everyone. The new manager of the building we rent, as well as an assistant, stayed after completing some office duties so they could join our service. With a wonderful Savior as ours and the joy He brings to every meeting, who wouldn't want to be a part? This is our very multinational group and Pastor Sledge preaching in German.

With the Christmas season in full swing, Weihnachtmarkte (Christmas Markets) are found throughout Germany. We go through them--and look for opportunities to meet people as they are out and about as well. For instance, an unexpected braking with the bicycle caused a lady to turn her baby buggy and bump another lady's foot. After the situation was eased, a visit with the lady with the baby revealed that her family has a residence close to the Potsdam church and is looking for a church. She said, "Maybe this accident was for a reason." Doors are open if we are willing to walk through them!

And for those for whom the holidays also mean lots of sweets, a word of encouragement:

May the love and light of Jesus makes this season for you a reflection of His joy, sweetness, and truth. We love all of you and send you our warmest wishes and prayers.

For the purpose of glorifying Jesus,

Carl and Bethany Sledge
Associate Missionaries, United Pentecostal, Int'l

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