Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Missions Newsletter: Northern Germany & Berlin

November 2018

Remember that no heart petition sent up in the name of Jesus Christ can lose its way between earth and Heaven. Remember that He is more ready to hear than we to pray. Remember that He still says, "According to your faith be it unto you," and if you ask for the faith, He loves and longs to give it.
-from Expectation Corner by Emily Steele Elliott

As amazingly simple as it sounds, we have learned and are learning that nothing pleases Jesus more than for us to depend on Him and receive His blessings. We ask, expecting to receive, and see His faithfulness continually - a course of action we highly recommend!

During this month we have seen doors open, for which we have been praying. The presence of the Lord through the services and in the altar are drawing people closer to Him.

This month we met a lady in our apartment, with whom we wanted to connect for some time. She invited Sister Sledge to her apartment. During the conversation, she said she would like to visit more. She wants to learn English better, and I promised to help her...if she would teach me some Swahili. We started with "Mungu akubariki" (God bless you). Some of the ladies in the church in Potsdam speak Swahili and were quite surprised to be greeting in that language on Sunday!

No place is safer that the center of the will of God. This week while Brother Sledge rode his bicycle, Sister Sledge felt an unrgency to pray for his protection. After the burden lifted, she sent a text message, asking him to be careful and letting him know avout the prayer. Though he was well withing the bicycle lane and his bike and helmet wel-lit, a double-car bus almost ran over him. Immediately when he was out of harm's way, his phone alerted him he had a text. The angel of the Lord protected him every step.

And that bike ride led to another answered prayer and an open door. He went with a friend to a gathering, where he met some people hungry for truth. Although he offered to meet them for coffee, one emphatically, "I'm coming to church!"

Blessings, fellowship, solid teaching, anointed singing, powerful preaching...nothing was missing from the Elisha Conference in Munich! Brothers Joe Ellis and Harold Linder fed us richly as they unfolded the Word of God with skill and spiritual sensitivity. the HeavenView worship team facilitated our praise (and introduced some beautiful songs we brought back to the churches here). Bro. Charles Robinette cast a vision for far-reaching revival to every culture, generation, and ethnic group. One day in class, prayers were led by various individuals in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, and Filipino. This was a foretaste of Heaven, when people from every nation and language will give praise to the Lord (Revelation 7:9-10).

Both of us taught Purpose Institute classes at the conference, a true privilege. The classes were translated into German, Portuguese, French, and Spanish. What a wonderful time to be part of the Kingdom of God!

A young lady from an Apostolic church in the Philippines, working in Germany, came to church in Berlin. She took a pamphlet on the new-birth experience to her roommate, and that young lady said she wants to attend church as well.

How great as our God! We live in excitement and expectation as we walk with Jesus...and with you, who share the journey and labor with us. In this month of Thanksgiving, we thank God for you.

For the purpose of glorifying Jesus,
Carl and Bethany Sledge
United Pentecostal Church Int'l

Going with the Gospel

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