Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Te Deseo: Desiring Jesus in the United Kingdom

Greetings in Jesus Name!   As I've been catching up on admin after an eventful Summer in the United Kingdom and Europe, this Spanish worship song has been reverberating in my spirit this week.

Te deseo mas que a la vida,"I desire you more than this life," (Majo y Dan) and it made me think of my friend from Northern Ireland who got the Holy Ghost this past weekend at our National Youth Conference in Birmingham, England.

Te deseo mas cada dia, "I long for you more each day,"  made me think of my brothers and sisters answering the call to "Wave the White Flag of Surrender," in Kiev, Ukraine at EYC in July.

Te Deseo mas todavia, Jesús, "I'm longing for you more every day," of the sincere hunger in Liberty Worship Centre as we met in a little shed on Wednesday in the back of an English field and prayed for each other to be strengthened in our walk with God.

 Louie Giglio describes worship as "our response, both personal and corporate, to God for who He is, and what He has done; expressed in and by the things we say and the way we live." and in each of those moments of worship mentioned above, it was the genuine hunger for more of Him that made the difference from a temporary emotional experience to radical life transformation.   We can't help but be changed when we truly long for Him.   Our nations cannot stay the same when a generation truly longs for Him, and draws His presence into everyday lives as I saw during our General Conference in Llandudno, Wales.

Was so fun to go with Faith to her first "Big Youth Event"

Thank you Familia Marsh for coming to LWC!  Your ministry deeply impacted us!

Teaching at TOP Earl's Court!   Love this church, and the Trinidad's!  Dedicated labourers!

Sis Rachel and Sis Betty are both powerful women of God and a blessing to the UK!

Praying at the Belfast Peace Wall during the Belfast Prayer Walk.  Appreciate the Cooney's and the great work they are doing in Northern Ireland!

I love these ladies.   I love their heart for the Kingdom.  I love the nations they represent and the burden they live out daily. I love this picture and this moment of surrender.  #FuegoParaEuropa #FireForEurope

Erin was filled with the Holy Ghost at Gain! #Unity

What a mighty demonstration of the manifest power of God at our General Conference in Llandudno, Wales!  Lives were changed! #UPCGBI

It will motivate labourers to be involved in the Kingdom long after the teas and coffees at the AIM UKI booth grow cold (Thanks to all the army of volunteers that helped with promoting Missions this Summer.)  Sis Kelley is known for the statement, "A burden will take you to a place, but a call will nail you there," and when I think of the moments God dealt with my heart about His work in the UK, it was almost always in those intimate moments of worship.   But that worship has to be translated into action of loving the body of Christ, teaching, discipling, leading, encouraging and evangelising. 

It's been incredible to see that happening in Liberty, with members touching new areas of anointing, dedicating themselves more fully to the cause, and I'm so grateful to each of you that has helped giving financially and in prayer to make that happen.   Special thanks to those of you who gave when my car and fridge unexpectedly broke down!   Because of your giving, I am literally still able to go. 

Thank you Harvest Bible College Second year students for coming all the way from Scotland to minister in May, the wonderful Marsh family from my hometown in Florida, USA, and the Showalter's in their worldwide travels this June stopping at LWC to invest in our members, and thanks to Jamie Poole, Krissy Williams and Katie Dorrough for helping me with the whirlwind of pre-conference prep this year!  (They also survived a LONG car trip filled with luggage and three booth displays, HEROS!) ¡Mucho appreciado!

Thank you those of you who so faithfully stand in the gap for the work of God in the UK and Europe through your prayers and giving.  Due to the nature of the church that I lead, and my responsibilities in the UK and as an Associate Missionary, I am needing to ask for more Partners In Missions as we head into Fall.    You can give a one time offering or become a monthly partner at $25, $35 or $50 a month.   I cannot stress to you enough how much I appreciate your support over the last 11 years, coming into Missions as a "Nobody from No where" to have so many of you buy into the vision to #ReachUKforJesus  Your giving makes a tremendous difference and allows me to continue to minister to the souls in United Kingdom. Thank you for prayerfully considering this. 

Message me if you'd like more information on how to give, or simply click the link in my bio to give via MobileCause, as part of the AMP programme.

May God continue to bless you and pour out His favour in your fields of labour, as "...we are God’s fellow workers [His servants working together]" I Corinthians 3:9 AMP with one desire to see His Kingdom expand.

For His Kingdom,
Para Su Reino,

Rev Allison Mitchell
Associate Missionary to the United Kingdom

Rev Robert Kelley
Missionary Superintendent

Rev Joel Wells, Jr
Pastor at The Pentecostals of Titusville

LWC Hyphen hanging with Salties from Life Tab in London!

Sooooooo happy to see my Irish Babies. These guys are simply grand.   #LFG #PODowans #AndSomeScots

Lifting Up our Nations and #LiftingUpLeaders #AIMUKI #England

Sis Rhiannon and I with "the Queen Mother of Pentecost," Sis Turley.  Grateful for her prayers for this nation and all she's invested in the Kingdom

We love you HBC!   Thank you for being such a blessing to us at LWC!   #HarvestBibleCollege #LWC

Full house to feast on the Word and then feast on BBQ! Jesus is building His church!  #FellowshipSunday #LWC

I low-key love this flag... what gave it away?  

Jesus doing what He does best!  Transforming lives! #HeWillAlwaysTouchYouAgain

Min Lady!  Great to see Lady Lou after so long from Copenhagen Days!  As you can see, we were too excited to be serious #PrayerWarrior

We've been travelling all over promoting AIM UKI and Missions this Summer!  Grateful for our Bishop and Bible Colleges supporting the vision and for the awesome AIM UKI Team!

So fun to share Scotland with Krissy and Sis Williams!  Thank you ladies for all your help this Summer!

The Troopers!  5 hour long car ride after awesome Church!  You all were a TREMENDOUS blessing to me!  #HowManyBoothsCanYouFitInOneCar

Liberty Worship Centre loves the Showalter's!  And Angela!  Thank you for coming to East Anglia! #MilitaryMinistriesEME


Allison Mitchell has served in United Kingdom since 2007. She came under AIM appointment in 2008, and Associate Missionary appointment in 2014 under Missionaries Robert and Jerolyn Kelley. She is a licensed minister with both the UPCI and UPC Great Britain and Ireland and has ministered in several countries in Europe.  She preaches regularly throughout the United Kingdom, speaking to youth, ladies groups and young ministers, and taught at Harvest Bible College where she served as part of the Ministry Team for New Life Church in Glasgow. She is now Pastor of Liberty Worship Centre in Lakenheath, England, and her passion is to bring the fires together in the United Kingdom and Europe to unleash unquenchable revival in this end-time generation.

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