Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Gibbs/Malawi Newsletter



Prayer & Fasting Conferences
Southern Region Conference was a tremendous spiritual encounter. Special thanks to Bro. Eli Hernandez our guest speaker who flowed in the Holy Ghost!

Central Region Conference was held in our capital city of Lilongwe this year. We were so blessed by tremendous teaching and mighty moves of God. Several visitors came and were baptized with one receiving the Holy Ghost.


MARCH 2018

• Dzaleka Refugee Camp: 5 Holy Ghost,
  10 reported healings
• Mulanje: 13 Holy Ghost
• Machinjiri: 3 Holy Ghost
• 5 new churches started
• Salima: 25 baptized, 2 churches opened
• Ntcheu: 6 Holy Ghost, 39 baptized,
  new church opened
• Phalombe: 4 Holy Ghost, 14 baptized, 4 healed
• Lilongwe: 5 baptized, new church opened
• Chisi Island: 6 Holy Ghost, new church opened
• Zomba: 2 Holy Ghost, 2 baptized
• Mulanje Youth Revival: 16 Holy Ghost


APRIL 2018

• Chigamula: 11 Holy Ghost
• Ntcheu Weekend Revival: 26 Holy Ghost
• Zomba: 6 repented, 3 Holy Ghost,
  many healings reported
• Jali: 7 Holy Ghost, including the village chief
  head man!
• Prison Ministry: 18 prisoners baptized
• Southern Region Youth Conference in Blantyre:
  21 received the Holy Ghost

Campus Ministries

• 50 students repented, 20 received the Holy Ghost, and 2 were baptized in Jesus Name!
• A five-day leadership training seminar was held, with 20 in attendance.


MAY 2018

We had a wonderful time with guest speakers Kevin and Kathy Merriman, and Brad Wallace during our Save Our Children Crusades. 577 precious children received the gift of the Holy Ghost!

During this incredible weekend, 185 teachers received certificates for a Sunday School Teacher Training Seminar. We give God glory for revival in Africa's children's ministries!


JUNE 2018

Regional Ladies Conferences

• At our Southern Region Conference, guest speaker Sis. Rayna Longstreth from Oklahoma ministered to the ladies of Malawi.
75 ladies received the gift of the Holy Ghost, and 35 were baptized in Jesus Name!

• Central Region: 31 received the Holy Ghost and 5 were baptized!

• Northern Region: 26 received the Holy Ghost and were instructed to go home and be baptized by their pastors.


JULY 2018

District Conferences
• Balaka: 7 Holy Ghost
• Ntcheu: 40 Holy Ghost, 7 baptized
• Mchinji: 20 Holy Ghost, 5 baptized, many
  healings including one healed from deafness
• Phalombe: 26 Holy Ghost, 9 baptized,
  30 reports of healing
• Dowa: 10 Holy Ghost
• Mangochi: 15 Holy Ghost, 3 baptized,
  17 healings reported
• Balaka Ladies Conf: 9 Holy Ghost


AUGUST 2018 


• 101 Holy Ghost, 112 baptized
• 58 reported healings
• One new church started in Karonga, a new
 territory on the border of Tanzania
• In Machinjiri: 3 Holy Ghost
• Prison Ministries: 26 Holy Ghost
• Lilongwe Central Region Youth Conference:
  11 Holy Ghost, Over 8 healings reported,
  many delivered!

Left Above: After Pastor Tukula's funeral, these people rushed to a nearby river to be baptized!

39th Malawi General Conference

We are so thankful for the ministry of our home church from Lancaster, Ohio, Pastor Gary Keller, First Lady Barbara Keller, Rev. Preston Keller and Dr. Kristin Keller for pouring out through their ministry, and being used of God in a great way!

Throughout the conference, 91 received the Holy Ghost, 21 were baptized in Jesus name, and many testified of healing!


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