Monday, October 8, 2018

Namibia News

Namibia News

Raised from the Dead!
This is Otto, he is 36 yrs. old. He died at home, was taken to hospital where 2 nurses and doctor declared him dead. His brother was told to call the family. But, his brother said, "God is in control". He prayed loudly by Otto's bed, suddenly a pulse came back! Nurses rushed into the room, saying "this could only be God!!....this is a MIRACLE!"

"Timothy Class"

This is one of our first Timothy classes. They are designed to meet the challenges our young men face in the real world and equip them with lessons from the book of Timothy. They are becoming strong young men in the faith!

Satellite Bible School

This is one of our five satellite Bible schools. Sis. Ikerd is a great teacher!

Thank you for your prayers, 
and your support to 
the country of Namibia!
We appreciate you very much.

The Ikerd family

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