Thursday, October 31, 2013

News from Ireland Missions

Settling in
The last 4 months, Fanny & Jaylon have been settling into Ireland life and are doing very well. After getting home most days, Jaylon doesn't take off his uniform until 5pm-6pm because he loves his school so much. He received an ACE award a few weeks back, which is given to one child in each grade every week for excelling in academics and conduct. He's quickly making friends and picking up the Irish accent. Hearing him speak in French with an Irish accent is comical. Fanny & Jaylon currently are involved weekly in attending the church in Gilford, Northern Ireland, and a new work in Craigavon, N.I. They are enjoying supporting & assisting Rev. Allan Calhoun and Family in any way needed.

Since our last newsletter, I've traveled and ministered through Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, Washington D.C., Connecticut, Massachusetts & Rhode Island. God has blessed with fantastic services seeing many filled with the Holy Ghost, baptized, receiving deliverance, healing & restoration. The Lord has helped us raise 85% of our PIM budget! Thank you to all the churches and individuals that are supporting us monthly and with one time offerings. We still have many Projects that need raised to accomplish everything we're striving to see take place when I return to Ireland. We're currently focusing on 2 projects.  A one time offering for these projects is appreciated. Send them to the address below, checks payable to Global Missions.

UPCI- Goblal Missions
8855 Dunn Road
Hazelwood, MO 63042

> Church Equipment Project # 103.FA.033215.24.2401.1.117816

> Evangelism Project # 103.FA.033215.25.2501.1.117816

Coffeyville, KS 3 baptized and 3 HG

Davis, OK
2 baptized in hotel room

Dublin, S. Ireland 3 HG filled

Baltimore, MD 2 baptized and 2 HG

I was able to be with my family in Ireland the first week of October. We had great quality family time together and it was good to see how much Fanny & Jaylon are connecting with those in the community. Fanny will be assisting a teacher at Jaylon's school when they begin to teach the children French in the next few weeks. This is another door of opportunity to meet more teachers and families of the students. During this same visit, my family joined the Northern District (Scotland & Ireland) youth leader Rev. James Beek (Edinburgh) and Harvest Bible College students for an evangelistic weekend in the Ireland churches. Thank you to Pastor Alan Calhoun (Gilford & Dublin) & Pastor Banji Sanni (Dundalk) for coordinating this weekend. We give God praise for 4 receiving the Holy Ghost!  There is no doubt that Ireland is about to explode with revival!

Deputation Travels

Oct 29 - Nov 3

S. Carolina
Nov 5 - Nov 10

Nov 12 - Dec 1

Dec 3 - Dec 8

Dec 10 - Dec 15

Prayer Requests

Please keep the Alan Calhoun family in your prayers as they cover 3 works each week & Pastor Banji Sanni Family (Dundalk, S. Ireland).

Pray budgets are raised for missionaries currently on deputation (Terry McFarland, Jonathan Strickland, J. Cooney), and perspective AIMers that are looking to join us in the harvest field of Fireland.

Congratulations to Tiffany Wright who has been approved as an AIMer to work with us in Ireland for one year!

Irish Words

> "Craic" = witty conversation, humor

> "Wind your neck in" = be quiet!

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