Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Namibia News

August 2013

Pictured here are the
Pastor's wives of Namibia.
Ladies Ministries 

Ladies from around Namibia arrived for a 3 day conference.
Sis. Ikerd taught on "Vessels of Honor".
Fifty-one ladies attended, with one receiving the Holy Ghost, and one baptized.

New Church Drawings

Pastor Karingombe finishes up the drawings for a new church building for one of our preaching points.
We have begun making blocks for this nice little church that will seat 80 people.  The cost of the materials to complete this building will only be $3,500.  We are so thankful for brick layers, block makers etc. who will see this building completed by November.

Church in Gobabis

Three of our current pastors are originally from this assembly. 

Pastor Skrywer is working with two preaching points from this church.
They have seen eight baptisms and three filled with the Holy Ghost in August.

We want to thank all of our  Partners In Missions!

The Word of God is being poured out in this
desert land because of your financial and prayer support.

The Ikerd Family
Missionaries to

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