Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mission Senegal Update

Since we first arrived in Africa, in 1987, we have witnessed firsthand the blessings of Sheaves for Christ and its impact upon Global Missions.

With the SFC offering date right around the corner (September 8), I wanted to share some ways in which SFC and their vehicles have helped us "move the Gospel" and more!!

In Nigeria, the SFC vehicle in which I was riding with two national pastors, was shot at in an armed robbery. There were 13 holes in the drivers door where the shotgun blast hit (no pellets went through), several more on the rear door and five pellets embedded in the rear driver's side tire. The truck kept on rolling and the tire never went flat!! God's hand was not only upon us but upon our vehicle!

In Burkina Faso, while returning from a trip to our new church in Niamey, Niger, we "outran" a sand storm. We were close to the Sahara desert and such storms, while not frequent, were known to happen. We were blinded once by the sand and almost dropped off the road but thankfully we made it home. A good car wash and we were good to go again!!

Also in Burkina Faso, I had taken several visiting pastors, along with our son, to a nearby game park. We stepped out of the vehicle along with our guide to get a closer look at a group of elephants. Before we knew it the elephants were heading straight at us. We ran with the guide and the next thing we knew the vehicle was surrounded by these elephants. I was envisioning these elephants sitting on, or tearing apart our SFC vehicle and all I could think was, "How will I explain this one..."!

Beyond the interesting adventures, SFC helped us take the gospel into new towns, cities and nations. A church was opened in the nation of Niger because we had a solid vehicle with which we could travel to the country and navigate the unpaved roads that are the majority of what was present at the time. Truly, SFC moves the Gospel around the world!!

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