Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Namibia News

Trinitarian Church invites U.P.C. to preach. 

Pastor Lorens and myself were invited to a trinitarian church to preach.

Sunday morning we preached to this congregation. 30 people gathered inside and we began preaching the word. The presence of God moved in a strong way. 

The pastor and his wife asked for prayer, that they would grow in Gods WORD!  We followed up with a oneness bible study in our home with more bible studies scheduled this next week!

Cardboard Church

 Even though this church has cardboard walls and dirt floors, it still provides a gathering place for people to worship God.  Just a few days before this service, strong winds and rain had damaged the roof  and soaked the cardboard.  After some work this congregation resumed church and the winds of the spirit blew in!

Namibian "Donkey Kart"

In our travels to remote areas in Namibia the "Donkey Kart" is a typical mode of transportation.  Even though they are slower, they are very reliable, and many people use them regularly.

We thank you for your prayers & support for the people of Namibia!

Rev. & Mrs. Keith Ikerd & Aubrey


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