Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Papua New Guinea

DARU, a town in the far corner of PNG, is being pioneered by Bro Jack Gene along with his wife and four children. It's the last Province in PNG to be reached. We now have a Church in every Province. Praise God! Bro Jack is doing a wonderful job. Already he has baptised 36 people including two Pastors and 10 of their members in Jesus’ name. He now has 60 people in attendance on a Sunday. Bro Jack needs our prayers and support, as Daru is a very isolated place with no road access to the rest of the country.

Bro. Jack Gene baptizing in Daru!!

History in the making!! During the weekend of the 17th of November 2012, we celebrated an important event for the Church, a groundbreaking ceremony for the new construction about to commence on the Bible School compound. We are planning to build a new Headquarters, Bible School classrooms, and dormitories complete with kitchen, washing facilities, and plumbed restrooms!! Everyone was very excited to participate in the groundbreaking ceremony. We were privileged to have the Lord Mayor of Goroka, Mr Bin Hulotove, and many more VIP Guests who attended our special day. After the ceremony, we ate a fabulous feast comprising of 12 pigs and much more! All of our ministers from around the country were in attendance and were all amazed and overjoyed!!!


Youth Camp 2013: It was the first time for the PNG Youth to have a Camp - where they slept, ate and worshipped together in one place. The Youth loved the idea, which broke down Regional boundaries and forged a bond of friendship between the Youth never seen before. It was a great success, with over 1000 youth staying on campus. It was a huge undertaking, with PNG presenting some unusual challenges which can be likened to an administrative nightmare! In spite of this, we are happy to report the Lord had His way. There were 106 Youth baptised in Jesus Name, 101 filled with the Holy Ghost and 10 reported healings...Praise God!! There was such a powerful move of God it was awesome. Bro and Sis Carver did a wonderful job with the morning teaching sessions, and Bro Tevita Paitadra (General Youth Director of Fiji) preached in the evening. All the Youth were blessed and left extremely happy. This is the first time that they have had a conference with only Youth in attendance and targeted to their age group and needs. We also had a bonfire, drama night, and sunrise service; all firsts for PNG. Everyone left on Monday morning very excited and determined to do more or Jesus in 2013!

  • General Conference-Easter weekend 2013
  • Our first ever Bible School Graduation during the General Conference
  • Strength and wisdom as we begin the new Bible School construction!

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