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Africa Network of Prayer - February

February Calendar Events

03 Feb       EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Board Meeting
04-08 Feb  BOTSWANA     Leadership training, Garborone with Bro & Sis Grosbach
06-08 Feb  LIBERIA     National Prayer & Fasting in local churches (Liberia Network of Prayer)
07 Feb       EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Ladies Fellowship
08 Feb       SOUTH AFRICA     Executive General Board meeting, Johannesburg
08 Feb       LIBERIA     Sec. III Minsters Meeting at Great Faith United Pentecostal Church
08-10 Feb  EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Evangelistic Crusade In Malabo
09 Feb       SOUTH AFRICA     General Board meeting, Johannesburg
10 Feb       LIBERIA     LNOP all-night prayer meeting at the Conference site in Tubmanburg, Boma County   
11-15 Feb  BOTSWANA     Ministerial Training  in Gakuto with Bro & Sis Grosbach
11-16 Feb  LIBERIA     The UPCL Annual General Conference will be held in Tubmanburg, Boma County
12-14 Feb  MALAWI    Leadership seminar, Guest speaker: Donald Knight
14 Feb       LIBERIA     Graduation of  Maranatha Bible College of Theology (at the conference)
15 Feb       CAMEROON    United Pentecostal Church College of Theology opens in Buea
16 Feb       ZIMBABWE     Youth Rally in Bulawayo
17 Feb       EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Youth Fellowship
20-22 Feb  NIGERIA     Benue State Convention
21 Feb       EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Ladies Fellowship
22 Feb       MADAGASCAR     Barnabas Seminar in Fenerive-est & in Soanierana Ivongo
22 Feb       ZIMBABWE     National Board Meeting at Kwekwe
22-24 Feb  SOUTH AFRICA     Annual Minister & Wife's Assembly, Johannesburg
22-24 Feb  MAURITIUS    Bible Conference
23 Feb       ZIMBABWE     General Assembly (Ministers' Conference) at Kwekwe
24 Feb       MALAWI      Special Service with Penny Gibbs as the speaker
24 Feb-03 Mar   EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Intercessory Prayer Week
25 Feb-03 Mar   MADAGASCAR     National ladies Days of Fasting
27 Feb-01 Mar   NIGERIA     Rivers State Convention

Africa Region & Beyond

04 Feb      AFRICA REGION     Pray for Africa's Children
14 Feb      GLOBALLY   Pray for the French-speaking nations of  Africa Region and around the world

CAMEROON - At a convention of a new group applying for affiliation with our church, nineteen were baptized in Jesus' name and six received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Three students graduated from the UPC College of Theology.  We are excited for the beginning of a short term Bible School on Feb. 9 in Yaounde.  We already have 19 students registered from one group, and we are expecting more to be registered during our upcoming French minister's meeting.  Exciting days ahead for this Bible School Class.

EQUATORIAL GUINEA - Please join us in praying for our upcoming crusade. We are anticipating a great turnout and praying for a great outpouring of the Holy Ghost and to see God confirm His Word with signs and wonders.  Pray for the safe arrival of Rev. Elias Limones and his team from the USA, and for our Area Coordinator, Rev. & Sis. Adams as they travel to Malabo.  Praise Report - Four were baptized in Jesus' name and five received the Holy Spirit.

KENYA - Pray for revival and that our pastors will be burdened and join in unity to support the home missionary program.  Also pray that God will open for us a door to reach Kwale town in the Coast Region. Praise Report - On January 20th in one church two were baptized in Jesus' Name and there were four reported healings during the month.  To Jesus be the praise.  Special prayer request from Missionary Crumpacker:  Due to what happened during the last election in Kenya, we request prayer for this nation leading up to, during the voting, and after the results are announced.  The election is March 4th.

LIBERIA - Please join us to pray that the National ladies can raise the necessary financial support in order for them to complete their project of a Medical Clinic.  National Conference is always a very important time for the UPCL.  We are praying for a large number in attendance and also for a great graduation of our current Bible School students.  Pray for the safe return of our missionaries, Bro. & Sis. Stewart,  and for our Conference speakers from the States.  Praise Reports - We thank God that for all those who are being saved through revivals, prayer vigils, and regular worship services throughout the country.  One of our preachers ministered during a crusade in a local community and a lady who was sick for seven months came to the crusade and received her healing.  In our health center, a baby was delivered, but showed no real evidence of life, just very weak.  But after two days, it began responding and crying.  We believe it was a miracle that transported this baby from death to life.

MAURITIUS-  We are praying for a Revival of Truth in Upper Plaine Wilhems.  Pray for Pastor Gervais as he is need of healing.  Finally, pray for the twelve Bible School Students who are in their first-year studies in Rodrigues.

MOZAMBIQUE - We are praising Jesus for the commencement of the building of our church in Maputo, the Capital of Mozambique.  Pray for us as we accomplish this great feat for the furtherance of His Kingdom.

SENEGAL - Pray for our safe travels for Missionary Sully and family as they arrive on location.   AIMer Jessica Doucet will also be traveling with them.  Pray for open doors and guidance from above as they seek to find a way to open up a new work.

SWAZILAND - We praise God for the uprecedented revivals accompanied by wonders and miracles taking place in Swaziland. The church in Mbabane together with its Sister Church at Ezulwini have just completed a 21-day season of prayer and fasting, during which close to 20 people turned their lives to the Lord. Of these 13 were baptized in the Name of Jesus, and 12 received the Holy Spirit. During the recent crusade at Mhlatane, seven people repented of their sins.  Also, reports of four people received miraculous healing, two of them at Maseyisini inthe southern part of the country.  These two had been booked for operations, but after being prayed for, they returned to their doctors to be operated on and to the amazement of their doctors, they found nothing wrong with their patients and sent them back home.  In another area, a group of young people traveled to Siteki in the east of the countryfor an outreach program. As they were preparing to return to Mbabane at the end of their assignment, a woman who was deaf and mute asked for a ride in their car. Along the way, the group was praying and praising God. When they reached Manzini half way to Mbabane the woman was able to hear with one ear. But after more prayer both ears had been unstopped and she could also speak.  Another woman who could not speak began to speak after being prayed for by one of the young people in Mbabane. We thank God for what He is doing in His church.

ZIMBABWE - Bible College has been closed because we are not registered with the Government.   Papers are being submitted and the school will have to pay $500.00 a year for this registration.  Meanwhile, classes will be suspended until everything is completed.

Target Countries
Jerry Richardson, Regional Director - Africa

I want to encourage you to continue to pray for the Target Countries.  The Africa region continues to see progress and growth and I know much of this is because of our combined prayer efforts.  With this in mind I bring the need for focused prayer be made for the Target Nations.  We need to make intentional plans to reach into these nations. Willing men are needed as doors are opened and opportunities become available.  Please put this list in a place that you see it and pray for these countries often.

Target Countries
2013 / 2014

1.  Mali
2.  The Gambia
3.  Eritrea
4.  The Comoros Islands

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