Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pacific Region Report

First Quarter 2013

Vast Expanse

25 island nations in   
the vast Pacific Region!

Total population of

Deputation Ministry Schedule:

Deputation provides a
venue for us to share
His heartbeat and ours
with thousands across
the North American

To schedule a service
with us, please contact
your District Global
Missions Director.

March 19-23           WI
April 30 - May 12    LA
May 14 - 19            AL
May 21 - 26        GA

New Responsibilities

We are asking each one of you to PARTNER WITH US IN PRAYER as we follow the call of God in our new responsibility as Pacific Regional Director. 

Prayer Cover for Upcoming Events

Philippine General Conference (Feb. 13-17)
Pacific Regional Leadership (March 12-15)
Executive Global Council (March  26-29)

Recent Pacific News

Australia 2013 General Conference 

 Outstanding worship with nearly 1,000 in attendance!

Dozens received the Holy Spirit during this powerful Conference! 

2013 Bible School Graduates-Australia
 Goals were set to open new works across the nation! Our prayers are with UPCA and Brother and Sister John Downs, Superintendent!

Papua New Guinea

Missionary Richard and Andrea Carver, Jr report the 2013 PNG Youth Camp was a HUGE success with over 1,000 youth attending!

101 received the Holy Spirit ~ 106 baptized in Jesus’ Name (above photo) ~ Multiple healings reported!

Micronesia (West)

 Missionary Dave Dibble reports the very first ever Preserving Christian Homes Marriage Retreat on Guam with Brother and Sister Mark Parker a triumph!  8 nationalities present &  25 couples!

Join us in PRAYER for
the island nations of

North Pacific SubRegion
(Kevin Vacca,
Area Coordinator):
Brunei, East Timor,
Indonesia, Malaysia,
Micronesia, Philippines,
Singapore, Spratly

Central Pacific Sub-
Region (Bennie Blunt,
Area Coordinator):
American Samoa, Fiji,
Kiribati, Nauru, Niue,
Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu

South Pacific SubRegion
(Edward Kennedy,
Area Coordinator):
Australia, Cook Islands,
French Polynesia, New
Caledonia, New
Zealand, Papua New
Guinea, Solomon
Islands, Vanuatu, Wallis

Thank you for your support!

Roger and Becky Buckland
Pacific Regional Director

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