Monday, July 30, 2012

Greetings from Geneva

The Pentecostals of Geneva
Pulling in the Nets!

I cannot believe it has been a couple months since our last letter! 
It was crazy, and all I can do to squeeze out
an occasional tweet which shows up
on our website,

Since our last letter we have been working hard with several saints and three AIMers, Sister Cortney Rangel and Sister Britney Gordon through June and July and Sister Amber Hackenbruch, who joined us in June. We had an amazing time with the AYCers from all over the US to descend upon Vaduz, Liechtenstein, and Lausanne and Geneva in Switzerland. In Vaduz, there were a couple of powerful services. In Lausanne, we held a half-day tent concert with testimonies and prayed for several people there on the street to support a church plant we are doing. This is a first in Switzerland, a daughter work as a second church in the country! In Geneva, we went out on the streets in several groups to sing, minister and hand out flyers and; helped local charitable organizations, as well as did a little sightseeing. On a couple of evenings, being denied a permit for a tent to evangelize, we took to the streets in a “Pillar of Fire” with about a group of 100 to sing, hand out flyers, give testimonies and preach in prominent places in the city.  All in all, we had 25 visitors in Geneva, 3 received the Holy Ghost and 4 are now in Bible Studies!  This has been a region-changing impetus for us!! Thank you for your support enabling this!! We thank the Manns, the Kellys, the Pucketts and Brother Stirnemann for helping to lead this huge group through these nations! Awesome!!

Right now, Sister Jutta and I are running the Apostolic Ministry Training Center’s 4th year, this time an intensive 10-day session, along with 8 ministers from all over the US and 3 from Europe who are committed to support our purpose of new ministers to support  the vision of 100 churches in 10 years.  We have been hard at work during the day and evangelizing and having services at night!!  What an impact this will have on the 13 students we have who represent all nations of our region!!! 

Prayer Requests and Financial Needs
Follow up with visitors and those touched by the AYC trip!!
AIM workers and their activities supporting Geneva and Lausanne!
Further contact with organizations to minister to lost and needy!
Breakthrough with Geneva bureaucracy for permits, etc!
A consistent meeting place in Lausanne for the new church there!

Mitch and Jutta Sayers

Meeting at the Warwick Hotel
Rue de Lausanne 14
1201 Geneva, Switzerland

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