Monday, July 30, 2012

Finland Update

The Mark Alphin Family
News update & prayer focus - June 2012

After attending home group for about  nine months, one of our young ladies is going home following the end of her exchange student program. She received the Holy Spirit, but decided to wait on baptism. Please help us pray for her - we are trusting God to lead her path and hope to see her again in the future!

First Bilingual Bible Study
 - Result: Baptism

In May, we told you about a young lady, living in Sweden, who was helping her mother learn about the Lord via Skype. Following our meeting them in March, we began teaching Ewi (a Finnish-Estonian speaker) with the help of a Finnish friend. On June 9, Mark baptized her in the precious name of Jesus Christ. God has great plans for her life, and we will continue to help her develop a deeper relationship with Him.

First-Time Visitor in Home Group
 - Result: Refilled!

After twenty years of being away from God, another has 'come home.' Nearly all overcome with tears, our home group watched as a precious man repented and was refilled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. His son has been talking to him about attending home group, and he finally said "Yes." God never misses an opportunity to change a life when one opens their heart to Him. Thank you, Jesus! We look forward to helping him reestablish his walk with God. Thank you for praying with us - the Lord is moving in Finland!

A Finn does not believe
something until he tests it.

(Finnish proverb)

Focused Prayer Requests

God's ability to freely move during home meetings and Bible Studies - we now have two weekly meetings. We focus on Evangelism every Sunday; Bible Study is held on Wednesday evenings. We want the Lord to be able to have full access to move as He wills. Additionally, personal Bible studies are scheduled at other times. Pray for discernment, sensitivity in the Spirit.

Meeting with Trinitarian ministers in July - we are planning to meet with several theologians who wish to interview us for an article; it will be submitted to a magazine here in Finland. Pray for an 'open door' to fully share the Truths contained in scripture.

Travel in July - our family will travel to Oslo, Norway, for the Nordic Conference during the week of July 9. We will be ministering in song prior to Mark's time of ministry on that Friday morning. Later in the month, Miranda will be traveling to the USA, as she will be attending MK (Missionary Kid) retreat. Candace will be attending a Youth Camp in Lithuania during the last week of July. Pray for safety, spiritual rejuvenation, and rest, as we get a respite from the constant spiritual pressure that we experience on a daily basis in Finland.

Looking Ahead...

On August 16-20, we will be hosting the EME Regional Prayer team in Helsinki. Missionary Jerolyn Kelley is head of the Regional Team, and we have been working closely with her on these plans since the fall of 2011. We expect God to do great things! An update on this will be sent to Finland's Intercessor Team prior to the event; this will enable you to be a part of what is happening in Finland, should you so choose. Stay tuned for further details! EME Regional Prayer website

to the Pastors and churches who have helped to make it financially possible for:
  •     our family to attend the Nordic Conference in Norway (funds are still needed to cover expenses)
  •     Miranda's attendance at MK Retreat
  •     Candace's attendance at Lithuania Youth Camp
Your offerings have blessed us beyond measure, and we sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness towards our family. The month of July will be full of fun! 

As we watch God continue to do miracles in the lives of our friends, we often think of - and pray for - the ones who make our ministry to Finland possible. Thank you for the financial support, and the prayers, that are provided for our family every month. Words can't adequately express our thankfulness.

May the Lord mightily bless you in every way.

Mark and Glenda Alphin
Miranda and Candace

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy, for you have been my partners in spreading the Good News about Christ from the time you first heard it until now. (Philippians 1:3-5)

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