Monday, July 2, 2012

Cooney Update

ACRC – Istanbul, Turkey

It was exciting to hear the great reports from the Area Coordinators & Commission Leaders, and all the revival taking place throughout Europe & the Middle East! There are wonderful plans this year for a greater extension of revival in this region. I have the privilege to coordinate the Evangelism Commission. We are launching a new short term missions program called BLAZE-Mission Ventures this year, and teaming up with the Youth, Training and Missions Commissions in different areas to inspire and propel more labourers into the harvest fields of Europe. Check out for more information. The Middle East sub-regional conference took place at the end of the Commission meetings. In the midst of a total Islamic area (the hall we were in was surrounded by 5 huge mosque-loud speakers blaring all over the city for Muslim prayers 5 times each day). Saints and new converts came in from all over this region for a time of fellowship together. Rev Charles Robinette ministered the first evening, and 31 received the Holy Ghost for the first time!  The next couple days, Rev Mark Shutes and ministers from throughout the Middle Eastern region ministered, and at the conclusion of the weekend, 49 had been water baptized and 45 filled with the Holy Ghost!  This conference has made a tremendous IMPACT on this region! Thank you to the prayer teams and missionaries of Turkey that prepared the way for this historic event to take place! Special thank you to RD Mike Tuttle for his Vision for greater revival in this region, and Rev. and Mrs Rick Robinson for being great hosts!

COA Youth Revival 

The first weekend in May we had a Youth Revival themed “A Generation on Fire” with Rev. Goran Andreassen (Norway).  He did a fantastic job of hitting it right on the bull’s eye with our young people.  Many recommitted to the calling and purposes of God for their lives!

40 Days of Fire
began the week after Easter and concluded on Pentecost Sunday. Many notable miracles & conversions have taken place during this time, within and without the church! There is not enough space on this newsletter to list them all. We and the saints of COA are amazed and truly thankful for God’s hand of mercy and blessing upon our lives to do all the things He has during this season of prayer & fasting. The momentum created from this time will continue to carry over for the next few months and throughout the remainder of this year!

Tent Revival 

"We had a fantastic Tent Revival in Vienna, June 9-10! We thank the teams from England (Rev Miguel Diaz, LeeAnn Diaz, Elisabeth Everett, Niki Okala, Rev Jorge Ospina & Selina Frater) & the Rev Rodney Donohoo family from the U.S. that joined us for this ministry outreach weekend. We battled some rain that did affect us, but were able to make necessary adjustments along the way to continue making an impact! 

Saturday - In Prater (area beside BIG amusement park in downtown Vienna), our team ministered to a few thousand people that were walking by, stopping, listening, and even coming near to our tent.  We had quite a few visitors that stayed for hours with us on this day.  There was a great move of God in both services, praying for healing for our visitors, and at least 2 received the Holy Ghost under the tent.

Sunday - At COA the altar was filled with people worshiping, a powerful move of God in our first altar call, great ministry of the Word, and another life changing move of God at the end.  We baptized 4 people, and had one filled with the Holy Ghost coming up out of the water.  He (Rambo) just so happened to be one of our visitors that was with us from Tent Revival. COA will see much fruit from this endeavour over the next few weeks & months because of all the contacts we made and ministered to. Afterward, we went to our daughter work in Eisenstadt and had outdoor praise & worship, along with testimonies, and were able to reach people even in the rain.

We're very excited about what the Lord is doing in this younger generation and the level of faith that they are moving on.  Greater things are yet to come!

Moving On--U.S.

We’ve had a great year in Vienna! The COA was a great revival church before we arrived last August, and it is still a revival church with a fantastic future to look forward to. One major goal at the beginning of 2012 was to raise €100,000 before the end of this year for the building fund so Austria can own its own building. Between what the Charles Robinette family have raised on deputation & what the saints at the COA in Vienna have given, there is already €80,000 toward this endeavour…..and we’re only in June! We give God all glory for his blessings & provision to fulfill His Vision to reach a greater harvest of souls in the German-speaking nations! The COA has grown stronger this year, and we feel that strength as we prepare to depart.  We are going to badly miss the family of God at the COA, but know in our hearts that we’ll be back soon to see them. We begin our deputation at the end of July and are looking forward to meeting masses of new people and seeing what the Lord will do during our travels in the U.S.  We thank all those responsible for the opportunity we’ve had to minister in Europe this year, and most of all give God all glory for what has made an eternal difference in His kingdom!

Another praise report received on Sunday, June 10th was that Rev Rodney Donohoo & family were elected as new pastor of the church in Upper Sandusky, OH! We celebrate with them in this new endeavour! 

Fanny’s Visa Testimony! 

Travel is getting much more difficult in today’s world, with stringent security restrictions being placed for those living outside of the U.S.  After much preparation & gathering of information, we were able to secure an interview at the U.S. Embassy in Vienna and Fanny was approved for a Visa to enter the U.S.!  This is the first major hurdle for our family to be together during deputation.  We still will need to deal with border control at our first landing location in the U.S. (Charlotte, NC), who will at that time stamp her Visa for a period of time.  Please continue to help us pray for this situation.  We know that what God has begun, He will bring to completion! A BIG THANK YOU to all those in the Global Missions Dept and our immigration lawyer that have been vital in making this happen!

Rev Joe, Fanny & Jaylon Cooney
Furlough Replacements: Church of Acts-Vienna, Austria
Missionaries to Ireland

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