Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Robinettes: Apostolic Revival Update Letter

Deputation 2012

God is doing so many powerful things on this deputation! Since October 16th, God has filled 230 with the Holy Ghost, 30 have been baptized in Jesus name, we have raised about 100 new PIM’s and the Lord has blessed us by moving upon the hearts of pastors to help us in significant ways in our project funds! Thank you!

While preaching for Bro. Mooney, God filled about 11 with the Holy Ghost & 3 were baptized in Jesus name. Following the service they received this text from a new person in their church who was watching the service on the internet:

“God can work wherever u r as long as u r willing! throughout the whole service I felt a tug on me, towards the end of the service my legs and arms and hands started to shake, the same as they did the night i got baptized. I sat on this couch shaking with an uncontrollable tremble thru my body. I felt something on me, something in me, I raised my hands and said, God I’m sorry, God I love you, God I want to be with you, immediately my jaw started trembling and my tongue started moving and I jumped up ripped my headphones off my ears and started walking around this apartment speaking things I have never said before. When I sat down I realized the pain in my neck and back that had kept me home for 3 days was completely gone!”

God filled and healed this man at the same time!! Amen! 


While preaching for Bro. Willis in Indiana, the Lord filled 8 with the Holy Ghost and 4 were baptized in Jesus name! At the end of the service, the Holy Ghost moved upon Bro. Willis and he went to the pulpit and said, “we have been saving money in our building fund for new chairs, carpet, paint and tiles, but we have chairs now and we can make do with the carpet we have. Austria has never owned its own building; lets give all our building funds to this missionary so that they can purchase the first building in the nation of Austria!” The whole church began to shout as their pastor made such a sacrificial and faith filled offering to missions! God will not be a debtor to this church! They are going to have revival like they have never had before, and they are going to have the funds to buy more chairs and paint! Thank you!

100 Churches/10 Years!               
German Speaking Nations               
(Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland & Austria)

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