Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thank You from Uruguay



We wish to start this update by wishing you a HAPPY & BLESSED 2012! As your missionaries in Uruguay, South America we are excited and full of expectation for 2012! We are going full steam ahead with our Motorcycle Evangelists program and opening new works in the country. We are excited about the prospects of Global Association of Theological Studies (GATS) in Uruguay and specially excited about working with AIMers Jacob and Mandy Palma as they prepare to fully engage in missionary service in this land. It goes without saying that we are looking forward to those we will win to the Lord, baptized in Jesus' name and see filled with the Holy Ghost! Yes, we are looking forward to a HAPPY & BLESSED 2012!

Motorcycle Evangelists Program

We are proud to announce that we have kicked off our Motorcycle Evangelist program.We are recruiting our Bible school students across this nation to become involved in taking the Gospel to non-evangelized areas. We encourage pastors to start new works in neighboring cities and involve graduates as their "circuit-riding" evangelists. Pictured is Pr. Francisco, from PaysandĂș, receiving the first donated motorcycle. We are specially delighted to have Azusa StreetRiders as part of our support team. They, along with many churches across America, have donated bikes to be used in this endeavor. They are supplying the patches our evangelists will be wearing as they minister across this land. Thank you, Azusa StreetRiders, for your love and concern for the lost.

GATS Teacher Training 

Leadership training is the key to a strong national church. We have dedicated 36 hours to equipping our Bible School teacher to a higher standard of teaching. Global Association of Theological Studies is making this possible. The Global Association of Theological Studies and its membership schools develop and equip men and women to reach their maximum potential in apostolic ministry. We are in expectation of our 2012 school year prospectives. In February, we are taking four of our teachers to a GATS workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Training is essential to sustained church growth and development.

In Jesus Name

In recent months we have baptized twelve new souls in the name of Jesus mostly resulting from our Home Bible Study program. We did have the joy of baptizing several of our saint's children as well. Over the past year we have seen many baptized and receive the Holy Ghost.There is revival in Uruguay and your giving has made this possible! Thank you for giving to missions in Uruguay, South America! Thank you for your partnership in reaching this country with the Gospel that can save, heal and deliver!

Thank you for your support!

Associates In Missions
The Palmas

Associates In Missions is a program designed to provide missionaries with short-term volunteers in a 2-12 month missions term. During the past year we have had the privilege to host Jacob & Mandy Palma from Virginia. This lovely young couple has totally dedicated their lives to the cause of the Gospel. They came to Uruguay in December 2010 and served tirelessly through this past year. They were such a help to the work through preaching and teaching in different parts of the country, evangelism, helping in our GATS training program, office work, construction, painting and so many other things! We are so thankful for the Palmas and the contribution they are making upon the lives of these people. Help us pray for this family as they prepare to apply for full missionary appointment to Uruguay!

We need you to consider following in the Palma's footsteps and doing AIM in Uruguay, South America. URUGUAY NEEDS YOUR HELP!   

As an AIMer 

As an AIMer you will get the chance to make a difference in a variety of languages, but mostly in the language of LOVE. An AIMer's goal is to be like Jesus and be planted in a place where they can do something significant for God.

As an AIMer you will spend 2-12 months of your life working with a missionary in the field. While there it is our prayer that you will receive both a burden for missions and direction for your life.

As an AIMer you can use your skills and abilities to make a difference. Your assignment can prepare you for an intermediate or career missionary position with the United Pentecostal Church International.

As an AIMer you may get the chance to minister to someone who has never even heard of Jesus Christ.

As an AIMer you will learn what it means to be needed. If you were not there, it is possible that a host of believers would have never come to know the Savior.

As an AIMer you will work with multitudes of underprivileged. These people need encouragement, a smile, a friend, a purpose in life, or a resource for moral authority and an AIMer can provide these for them.

As an AIMer you will work with those who live by faith. Missionaries have learned to live by faith and as mentors of volunteer workers, they foster that quality into the lives of AIM workers.

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