Friday, January 13, 2012

Scotland Aflame



Over the entire Conference, we had reports of  48 (I believe) receive the baptism of  the Holy Ghost, and many were baptized in Jesus’ name in the cold waters of  the bay just in front of  the conference centre.  A lasting impact was made on the town, as well. 


2011 saw the graduation of  one class from HBC and the arrival of  a new one.  This new class is a wonderful and diverse group of  people who have the promise of  God upon their lives, and Jenny and I love and believe in each of  them.  It is a privilege and an honor to teach full-time at the College.

Jenny and I both continue, as well, to teach in the Part-Time College, which has now gone global!  We have a Skype satellite campuses, with one as far as 7 time zones away, plus others in the UK! 


The Church plant in the West End is moving forward.  2011 saw the beginning of  a  commitment to covering our side of  the city in prayer through coordinated prayer walks and drives. 

We set goals for October 2011 - October 2012 and many of these are already being realized. One of  them is to have a campus ministry started on the local University campus, which through the efforts of  some of the Bible College students is already beginning to happen. Also in 2011, we found a hall to move into to hold services in. The venue change will happen on the 19th of  January 2012.


While all of  these things are wonderful, the one highlight that outshines them all for me is that we found out we are going to be parents! Jenny’s having a baby!

Current Needs/Prayer Requests:

Pray that we’ll see a harvest of  souls in Glasgow and that the powers of darkness would be broken in this city. Pray for our health, our minds, and our family.

Looking Forward
What’s in store for Jan 2012?

•Jan 10: HBC full-time resumes after Holidays
(I’ll be teaching Pauline Epistles, New Birth and
•Jan 12: Teaching on the Oneness in Liverpool,
•Jan 19: Vision casting service for the West End,
our first service in the rented facility! (We’re
moving out of  the house and into a rented hall
for services!)
•Jan 21: Catalyst (youth promotional rally) in
•Jan 28: HBC part-time

*Plus everything else we’re involved in! 

Special Thanks!

A HUGE THANK YOU goes to the Temple of  Pentecost in Raleigh, North Carolina and pastors Wayne Huntley and Bryan Ballestero.  We have been needing one of  these since we arrived in Scotland, but now, through their help, we’ve been able to purchase our own car.  This baby gets (I’ve been told...I’m not sure it does when I’m driving) around 55 miles to the gallon.  With fuel at about 8.60 USD per gallon, we welcome the economy.  And, there’s even enough room for a car seat! Praise God for such a blessing!

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