Monday, December 19, 2011

German Gazette

The sights and sounds and fragrances of GERMANY during the holiday season are almost magical. This bakery shop window declares - intentionally or unintentionally - more than good news about gingerbread cookies!  It reminds nominally Christian people in GERMANY that JESUS CHRIST came in the flesh to become our Savior!  We wish that all the window shoppers in GERMANY would see His star in the east and come to worship HIM. Many have come and tasted and found that the Lord is good. We believe that many more are yet to find that HIS aroma lingers through time and will last into eternity!

For reason of the harvest we have experienced in GERMANY, we rejoice all year round.  THANK YOU for helping us to bring in the precious fruit of the earth.  The pastors and believers in GERMANY extend their gratitude also.  Pastors Raymond Wey, Ernest Scott, ALexander Denk, Juan Negron (military church) and Andreas Denk carry the  heavy load of building up the Kingdom of God through our five UPC churches.  They are leading their flocks in our absence as we continue to request additional support throughout our fellowship in America for our ministry in GERMANY.  We intend to return to the field in the summer of 2012, to labor once again for the glory of God.

Deputation has taken us throughout the Midwest and further east as far as Tiverton, RI since June.

We are thrilled by responses from people in the pulpits and in the pews.  Pastors and believers alike are commenting on our ministry with words such as “refreshing, anointed, inspiring and interesting.”  They are responding in ways that humble us … at the altars with weeping and seeking for personal direction, in conversation with astute questions, in giving to finance our future needs on the field and present needs as we travel.  This deputation has been an amazing journey throughout our fine UPCI churches which have supported our calling for thirty-eight fulfilling and productive years.  Hundreds have been  reached and are going on with God following our pioneer work in GREECE and more recent church planting in GERMANY.  YOU have entered into our labors over many years and together we have won preachers, pastors and faithful saints from many nations.  We are thankful for every new PIM commitment, project offering, kind gesture of hospitality and all the heart-warming fellowship that have made this deputation more than wonderful.  

AIM worker Amber Crumbley arrived on location in northwestern GERMANY in October and is a great blessing in our area of responsibility.  She arrived just in time to join forces with the Paderborn church music team who planned and performed an outreach concert in November.  It was a  smashing success from all accounts, and we look forward to meeting new believers in that church next year.

Pastor Raymond Wey in Mannheim is making  excellent progress in renovating his new church building. Even better,  he has a growing congregation!  We thank all those who have responded to our appeal for funds on his behalf as we travel.  Pastor Wey is our senior pastor, and his church is the oldest UPC church in GERMANY.  He has been faithful and true and is being rewarded accordingly.  At a recent local church Gospel Music Concert, there were 265 attendees.  How wonderful is that?

For all the above reasons and more,
we thank you,
Alan and Valerie Demos

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