Thursday, December 22, 2011

Africa in Revival - December

 Burkina Faso
Ken Cantrell family

At the first Impact Crusade, there were many delivered, healed and converted. Many were also baptized during the three day evangelism push. The church followed the crusade with free language study lessons every Sunday.

Church property was purchased in a northern city that is predominantly Muslim.

The National Board has agreed on the 2012 theme of "The year of Growth, spiritually and numerically." A vision has been cast to teach a minimum of 500 Bible studies.

Richard Smoak family

Bible school course had thirty-five students in attendance.

Equatorial Guinea
Regional Missionary Peter Mua family

Four received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Nick Sisco & Colleen Carter families

One received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at a village church.

There was the successful launch of an extension Bible school in the eastern part of the country.

Church building projects are going on in the western, northern, and southern parts of Ghana.

The first extension Bible school graduation was a success in the northern part of the country. Eight graduates completed the Certificate level of the GATS program.

Jim Crumpacker & Patrick Groves families

Throughout the country, a total of thirty-nine were baptized in Jesus' name, fifty-eight received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and thirty-seven were healed.

One new preaching point was established.

Albert Stewart family

During regular services seventy received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and seventeen were baptized in Jesus' name.

Chris Richardson family

Local church revival reports twenty-eight received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and thirteen were baptized in Jesus' name.

Richard Smoak family

In one region, two repented and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit as a result of a miraculous healing at a local hospital.

After an evangelistic thrust in another area, a new church was formed with sixteen adults and several children. Nine were baptized in Jesus' name already.

A teen who had been missing for over a month was returned home after much prayer. Now, the teen and her entire family have been saved after seeing the power of prayer.

A new preaching point was started in the financial capital of the country.

Randy Adams & Mike Benson families, reported by AIMer Jaydie Johnson

Thirteen received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in a village church.

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