Tuesday, December 20, 2011

End of Year Revival Report--Barcelona, Spain

 2011: A Record Year of Harvest In Spain! 

Baptism in the River
 2011 has been a year of battles, but it has also been the biggest year of harvest that Spain has ever seen. This year Spain has seen a great harvest throughout this nation. In 2011 there was a record 691 that were baptized in Jesus' Name and 724 that received the gift of the Holy Ghost! There are now 5,256 consituents of the UPCI of Spain.

Los Pentecostales De Barcelona 

Altar Service
God has blessed our church this year here in Barcelona. This year we had 82 receive the Holy Ghost and 46 baptized in Jesus' Name. Our record attendance this year was 445, and there are now over 500 people that call Los Pentecostales De Barcelona "their" church.

God has also helped us start two new daughter works this year in the cities of Tarragona and Cornellá, each of these new works now have over 30 people each Sunday! We give God all the glory for what He is doing in this nation! 

Thank You! 

Family of Four
 Thank you for all your prayers and support. Together we are claiming Spain in Jesus' name! 

God Bless,
Nathan, Tanya, Alaina and Lincoln Harrod

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