Monday, October 24, 2011

Report from Geneva

We had another breakthrough in Geneva as we baptized two young ladies, Sister Noémie and Sister Selomé in the name of Jesus Christ on the shores of Lake Geneva!! These are two ladies who have studied in Geneva and have grown up in Geneva. Doors are opening to the Swiss in Switzerland as well as those of many other nations—Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Columbia, France, Zambia just to name a few from within the last few weeks. God is doing an amazing thing and we praise Him in awe!

In addition, Sister Amber Hackenbruch has joined us in Geneva as an AIMer who had previously spent time serving the Lord in Vienna, Austria. She comes coincidentally from the church where Sister Jutta and I were baptized in Jesus name when she was just a young child! She has been doing a truly amazing job at teaching Bible Studies to many visitors and newer saints, as well as meeting during the week for study with some of the more established saints. She has been a true blessing, ministering particularly to the ladies during the week when we are not able to be in Geneva.

Other than the many things going on in Geneva, it has been an extremely busy time with  the Apostolic Ministry Training Center in Nürnberg, Germany.  We administered the final exams on October 1, after a few intense weeks of classes. As the school administrator, and with Brother Robinette traveling in the US preparing for his deputation, this has been quite a lot to do—in fact we are still in the process of grading exams, gathering the last homework assignments, etc. But we have completed the second year of classes of the AMTC in Germany, we have trained up many men and women for service in the Lord, and this is what will fuel the vision for our region: 100 churches in 10 years! 

Lastly, please pray for us as I assume responsibility as the Regional Missions Director to assist Brother Robinette execute his vision: 100 churches in 10 years! The Lord is miraculously pulling together a team of people to coordinate and initiate this, as well as men and women with a burden and experience in evangelism and church planting to help this vision become reality before our eyes as we labor together for it!!! 

Upcoming Events

French Youth Congress--November 11-13

Prayer Requests and Financial Needs

We need a larger room.  The hotel where we are intends to charge us even to put more chairs into the room where we are meeting! Please pray with us and help us with additional assistance as we make a next step of faith.

We have been revamping our worship with new songs, projecting our songs via Ipad nad bringing in new instruments. Suggestions? Let us know!

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