Sunday, October 30, 2011

FMD Prayer (10.18.2011)

Prayer Requests

From Ken and Kay Burgess (El Salvador): Please continue praying for El Salvador.

Monday morning Flood Update: re-posted from Voices on the Border Relief Organization. "Rain continues to fall over El Salvador and is forecast to do so for the next 48 hours. Last night the September 15th Dam was releasing water at an incredible 9000 cubic meter per second. To put that in perspective, at 2500 cm/sec the communities down river brace for flooding. The dam has not released at such high levels since Hurricane Mitch, which devastated the region in 1998.  In fact, the total rainfall has now exceeded what fell during the infamous storm."   President Funes' assessment as of late Sunday Night: 32 deaths so far, over 20,000 evacuated and in shelters. 14 Highways obstructed or destroyed by landslides, several bridges on main arteries destroyed, 257 schools damaged or destroyed. According to the relief organization mentioned above, most of the shelters in the Lempa River region have also flooded and the refugees moved to other locations. There is over 3 ft. of standing water in many of these areas. An estimated 1/3-1/2 of the planted crops have been destroyed, much of the already harvested corn has been washed away.

Many of our church members are directly affected by this situation. As of now we have 3 confirmed deaths, several churches full of water, pastors & families evacuated for safety, and many of our people have lost everything. Those living in shelters are promised only mattresses and water, some are not even receiving that much. Our churches that are still functioning are preparing meals & distributing food & clothing in the shelters, but their stock/supply will run out soon at this rate.

We need help!!  Please pray that the rains stop, that God would provide for our hurting people, and above all, that there are NO earthquakes during this delicate time.  Even the slightest tremble right now would prove fatal.

From Ed Simmons (Thailand): Please pray for Thailand. 

One third of the country is flooded, hundreds have died, hundreds of thousands affected. Also, pray for the Thai church and family of Pastor Natapong. He passed away during his sleep while at Ladies' Conference, a great loss to his family and the Thai church.

From Gary Reed (Middle East): Please pray about our housing situation.

We just received notice from our landlord that we have to move out of our house by November 24. We are in preparation for our National Conference, Nov. 4-6. We have a four year lease on the home, but this doesn't seem to matter to her. Please pray this can be resolved, and we will not have to leave. This happened last year also, and God made a way. He can do it again.

From DLB: Please continue praying for Brother Kenneth Haney and the Haney family.

From DLB: Please pray for Evelyn Adams (former missionary to the Philippines) and her family.

From Bro.Carl Adams:
Dear Family and Friends:
I am writing to give you an update on my lovely Wife, Evelyn Adams. Monday night Evelyn suffered a major heart attack which the doctors say greatly damaged the heart tissue and the damage is non-reversible. I spent several hours with her today and cannot be sure that she recognized me. My family and I have released her to the will of our Lord. Evelyn told us Monday that she was 'going home and would see us on the other side'. We are sure of this because of the promise of our Lord to those who have obeyed the gospel. We were able to sing and pray together. Although it will not be easy to be separated from my faithful wife of more than 68 years, even for a little while, I will not sorrow as those who have no hope. We have been begotten unto a living hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Soon we too shall go to be with our Lord and will meet again those who have preceded into His glorious presence.

Prayer Focuses

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