Monday, October 31, 2011

John Wolfram Mission Letter

Vietnam and Philippines Update

Our ACTS student body just finished their final exams for their first term and have now entered their second term of the year.  Enthusiasm is high, and spiritual growth can be seen by all. A special “Thank You” to all of you who have helped sponsor a student’s tuition and room and board for this year’s training program.  Finances are always a challenge for our students, but God always comes through.

The first week of October I was joined by two great men of God (Ryan Franklin and Anthony Needham) to help teach and train new and old converts alike in Vietnam. We conducted a seminar in Hanoi for a Baptist pastor and his friends. An unexpected typhoon hindered many from coming, but the “seed” of God’s word was sown.  Our baptismal service was delayed because of threats by Trinitarian pastors who did not attend our seminar.  However, our interpreter got a phone call from the host pastor, saying the Lord would not let him sleep one night.  The pastor begged him to return to baptize his people as soon as possible. They also see the oneness of God and Acts 2:38 salvation.

I was also reunited with a pastor I baptized 15 year s ago and he introduced us to several of his friends and churches in Saigon. Praise God!

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