Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello from Korea

Much Exciting News!!

We are expecting AIMers to Korea! This is certainly the result of many years of praying. I look forward to their arrival--whenever that may be. Also, more English teachers have arrived in the Seoul area. They will be helping in the churches in their respective parts of the capital city. One young man has begun preaching Sunday evenings; the newest arrival, a young lady from Ohio, will start teaching in English during the Sunday school time slot. I personally witnessed the love and excitement with which she was received by her new church family. Sis. Kim says that church has been praying and waiting for an AIMer for five years, and you could sense their expectation with her arrival. I am awed by the passion and generosity of the Korean people...and so grateful for the kindness I have been shown.

In addition, a new church is starting in Seoul. Bro. Hargrove of Dallas, TX, donated funds for the start of this new church with an emphasis on a minister that will be true to standards of holiness. If you remember, Bro. Hargrove was the guest speaker at the camp this summer. It was his first time in Korea, and he and the country will not be the same as a result. Please be in prayer for this new church and the pastor that will be leading this work.

Volunteering at the Salvation Army Orphanage 

Front of the Orphanage
With regards to this announcement, my sentiment is best labeled as "finally," as in "I have finally begun volunteering." I have felt the lack of such activity in my life for some time. For my first volunteer project, I am volunteering at an orphanage in Daejeon affiliated with the Salvation Army. Every Monday, except the last one of the month and holidays, I will visit the orphanage with three other volunteers. We have dinner with the kids, then teach an English lesson. The children that come to the class are of elementary school age, and I enjoy working with the different age group. I had great fun on the floor coloring with the children!!

Church Picnic at the Beach

Many Thanks to All Who Prepared Food
Treasure Hunt
The first weekend of October was a holiday, three-day weekend. Members of the church family gathered to go on a picnic together at the beach. We ate, played, talked and laughed together during the wonderful time of fellowship. The weather was perfect; it actually became quite warm by the middle of the day. Though I did not venture into the water as some of the other beach goers did, I thoroughly enjoyed our competitions in kickball and dodge-ball, the latter I had not played in a really long time--maybe even since high school gym class. How much time has passed since those days!
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 I look forward with excitement to all that is yet to come. Thank you for your prayers and hellos over these past weeks. I am glad to share part of my life with you and share in your lives, even though we are some miles away. God bless!


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