Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Please Pray

Prayer Requests
From Dena Hayes (San Andres Island/Colombia):

Please pray for healing for Shane Hayes. He has passed two kidney stones in the past 12 hours (since Sunday, 3pm). He has another one and is in extreme pain. We cannot get him into the hospital here because they charge foreigners over $1,000 per day.

A doctor in our church is treating him but we can't get certain medicines because we're not at the hospital. We need divine intervention.

From Stanley Scism (South Asia/United Kingdom):
A baby was born suffering from esophageal atresia, had to be operated on within 24 hours of birth, and just now died at 3 months. Please pray for the family's comfort in this time of sadness. Please pray for mother of Zahluna (one of the youth leaders in NE India). She suffers from blood cancer Please pray for peace in N Bengal, India. People agitating for separate statehood have held a general strike for 60 days now.

Sanjit Subba came from Galdhakka where 3 people were baptized in Jesus’ name. In that same area, 2 people had been killed during the political violence and many injured. In Galdhakka, Ramala Rebecca Rai is the local pastor. In this same place, I and Van Rosa and Michael Parmley and Joseph visited in early April. Because the transport was shut down, Sanjit had to go to Gorthang, then walk through the forest, where many insurgent live and plot, to his home in Darjeeling, where the whole area is becoming violent. In this same area, people who used to worship idols but have come to know that the Creator loves them so much that he came as Jesus Christ to save them, now love Jesus and spread the message of Him in spite of severe opposition and chaos in the society. Please pray for their safety and courage in the midst of all this.

From Brad Thompson (Guatemala):
Please pray for six-years-old Miguel, who was hit by a car and needs a miracle, and for a presbyter who was rushed to emergency. Miguel is 6 years old and needs a miracle. He has several skull fractures and his optic nerve is damaged. One of his arms is also in very bad shape. We all have served as great support for each other, but we need your prayers.
One of our presbyters was rushed to emergency last night as well, so this situation continues. I know God has something great in store or all of this would not be happening right now.

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