Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Praise Reports

From Paul Dennis (VFMA: Asia):
I just got this from Dennis Graham, he is one of the ministers that was with me in Okinawa. I don't know when he will be back in the United States. Pray for all our Military men and women. Greetings from sunny & sweltering Baghdad!

After 9 months of ministering the precious truths of the new birth, we were privileged to baptize a man from Sierra Leone on the 4th of July. It was a glorious occasion!

Upon baptizing him and giving thanks to God, I remember looking up across at the huge palace that fills the view, and thinking, who could have imagined that in a place where Saddam once lived, we would be baptizing someone into the wonderful name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

That defining moment makes it worth being in Iraq for a year!!!! Perhaps what makes this victory even sweeter and so amazing is for the past 9 months, we have faced much opposition to baptizing people into the name which is above every other name. We have been forbidden to teach it by some of the Ugandan Pastors, even though they were receiving our teachings and still do allow us to teach everything except for baptism as stated in Acts 2, 8, 10, 19 & 22. We have also been hindered by other church leaders who are for keeping unity over teaching Jesus' name, but God has given us a breakthrough for which we are extremely grateful! We are all for unity also but not at the expense of compromising or trivializing TRUTH!

Last Sunday, we baptized 2 more precious souls and are now teaching on the book of Acts from the overseas ministry course in 2 of the camps. I need to clarify that when I say we, I mean the group of fellow believers like Sis Sharon Gillis, Elder Paul Burch, and ministers Troy Fondaw and William Tullos that have all had a part in what the Lord is doing here.

The Lord has been very good to us! There have been many lessons to learn in the desert and number one is to pray as if your life depended on it--everyday!

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support.

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